Solo Leveling Episode 4 Recap: I’ve Gotta Get Stronger

In ‘Ore dake Level Up na Ken’ or ‘Solo Leveling‘ episode 4 titled ‘I’ve Gotta Get Stronger’ Sung Jin-Woo after arriving in the instance dungeon realizes that he is supposed to steel-fanged Lycon’s there. As he kills them one after another, he gains new powerups that allow him to add more abilities to his skillset. However, his primary focus is always increasing his strength and because of that, he becomes incredibly powerful. After all the Lycons are dead, Sung Jin-Woo turns his attention toward the dungeon boss not knowing what to expect. But as he arrives at the lowest level of the station-turned-dungeon, Jin-Woo is shocked to see the adversary in front of him.

Sung Jin-Woo Becomes Powerful in the Instance Dungeon

Sung Jin-Woo after somehow surviving the double dungeon ordeal, slowly starts realizing that he is now on a quest to become stronger. In order to become more powerful, he is expected to complete the challenges assigned to him. Failing to do so results in dangerous punishments that could potentially be deadly. So when he is eventually tasked to go to the instance dungeon, Sung Jin-Woo follows the instructions, hoping to gain new abilities and weapons. Initially, he thinks that he is in a dungeon-like the ones he has previously visited as a hunter, but it soon begins to dawn on him that things are quite different.

After arriving in the instance dungeon, Jin-Woo finds himself up against steel-fanged Lycon. They seem quite intimidating at first but Jin-Woo manages to keep his emotions in check and gathers strength to fight. As he gets a sword, the battle looks much easier. He is soon able to kill several Lycones without much effort. As he gets some much-needed rest, Jin-Woo notices that he is receiving game-like upgrades by achieving milestones. He also gets weapons, which means he can spend more time in the dungeon to get stronger.

Soon afterward, a group of Lycons confronts Jin-Woo. But now that he is far more determined, Sung refuses to take a step back. He manages to kill every single Lycon and gets several upgrades. However, he also finds a teleportation stone which he can use to leave the dungeon without confronting the final boss. He goes on to fight several other beasts collecting all kinds of upgrades. But eventually, Sung decides to face the final boss too instead of simply using the teleportation stone.

As he takes the stairs to go further down in the station-turned-dungeon, Sung finds himself up against King of the Swamp Blue Venom-Fanged Kasaka. By this point, his sword is already in bad shape and things are not looking so great. Furthermore, Jin-Woo feels that fighting the beast with bare hands is out of the question.

Sung Jin-Woo Defeats the Instance Dungeon Boss

As Sung Jin-Woo confronts the final boss, he realizes that he has a serious challenge in front of him. Despite being at a disadvantage, he decides to fight and gets brutally beaten up by the King of the Swamp. His sword which was already in bad shape broke putting him in some serious trouble. Jin-Woo refuses to give up and eventually realizes that he will be better off using his strength as he has been focusing solely on that until now.

When the Blue Venom-Fanged Kasaka attacks again, Sung holds it tightly applying immense pressure. He slowly manages to put the dungeon boss in such a strong lock that he dies after vomiting blood. Sung Jin-Woo gets several upgrades and finally leaves the station which returns to its usual form. As he gets out, he is stopped by a military man. It turns out that there has been a dungeon break and several monsters have managed to reach the city streets.

A rag-tag team of hunters has been assembled in haste to stop them. Although most of the beasts are already dead, the boss is still standing. Sung Jin-Woo can feel his presence using his improved perception. When he eventually arrives at the scene, he notices that the hunter team is struggling to make any progress. After assessing the situation, Jin-Woo realizes that they need just enough help to break the boss’s defense once. He throws his broken sword with all his strength directly at the beast and manages to give other hunters the opening they need following which they defeat him.

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