Space Force Ending, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Space Force’ follows the story of a man who is appointed the head of a new military division of the United States. His job requires him to work with scientists to open new frontiers for space exploration. However, the pressure of besting other countries and finding the balance between scientific pursuits and military intervention keep him on his toes. By the end of the season, we find him making some tough choices, which put him and his team at great risk. If you haven’t seen the show yet, head over to Netflix. SPOILERS AHEAD

Plot Summary

When General Mark Naird receives a promotion, he thinks it will have something to do with his stature in the army. He is surprised when a new branch called Space Force is declared, and he is put in charge of it. His primary mission is to get “boots on the Moon”, no matter what it takes. As he tries to come to an understanding with the scientists working under him, he also has to get his family matter in order, especially with his teenage daughter, Erin, who feels isolated after their move to the new place.

The Ending

One of the most important reasons behind the formation of Space Force is to get America an upper hand by getting its military and weapons on the Moon before anyone else. “Boots on the Moon” is the idea that led to the formation of a separate organization solely dedicated to the task. However, it soon comes to light that China beat them to it.

They not only established a habitat on the Moon but also started drilling for H-3, which they would get back to Earth to fuel their nuclear plans. They needed discretion for this, and for that, they could not allow another space agency to research in the same area as them, which is why they claim the Sea of Tranquility and ask the US to get another site to land their mission. But Naird decides against it. The Chinese take this as an act of aggression and trample the US flag that was planted there by Apollo 11.

If there was anything needed for the incitement of war, it would be this. POTUS demands a severe retaliation, but Naird knows that any aggressive move would only make matters worse. At first, he decides to go forward with the order, but after giving it more thought, and especially perturbed by Mallory’s anger towards it, he decides to defy authority. He tells Captain Ali to dismantle the guns so that they can’t be used to start a war.

Naird’s defiance doesn’t sit well with authority, and they send Kick to take over the command. He arrests Naird, and orders Ali to use whatever is at their disposal to attack the Chinese habitat. The team uses the wrenches to take down their entire place, but when they come back, they find their own site destroyed.

Meanwhile, Erin is angry with her parents for abandoning her, and then agreeing on an open marriage. She makes a reckless choice and finds herself in a dangerous place. Both of her parents are incapable of helping her at the moment, which forces her to take control of her situation. In the end, however, her father and mother escape from their bondages to rescue her. This is when Brad tells Naird about the tricky situation on the Moon.

What does it mean for Space Force?

Both China and America wanted to sabotage each other because they wanted to come out on top. On both ends, the militaristic achievements were given preference over scientific endeavors. In the end, both their actions lead to the endangerment of the astronauts, who now find themselves in an inhabitable place without any resources. What this means is that both teams will have to work together now. The Chinese and the Americans are on the same boat and will have to salvage the situation by collaborating their resources. That’s the only way they can save themselves, no matter what their superiors have to think about it.

Another problem is that the American team consists of amateurs. It was hastily put together to catch up with the Chinese operations. If it hadn’t been about winning the race, they would have taken their time to choose the best candidates and train them vigorously before sending them on such a critical mission. If the Chinese, too, had done so to win the race, there is a possibility that their team is the same as well. This means that they would need the guidance and co-ordination of their superiors to get them through this impossible situation. Naird will have to return to his post because he can’t simply abandon his people. But this would also open him to the risk of getting court-martialed.

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