Review: Space Force Season 1 Episode 9

There is already so much war and bloodshed on the Earth that taking it to space seems a preposterous idea. What’s the need for a military presence in space? The title, ‘Space Force’, itself seems more appropriate for a sci-fi comedy than an actual division of the military, and as more details about it trickle out, somehow, it gets even more comedic. The Star Trek-themed logos don’t help the case either.

There is enough material to make fun of something that is not even properly functioning yet. However, the Netflix series made it clear that they are not taking sides here. Steve Carell‘s ‘Space Force’ is a sitcom and does indulge in parody, but it also tries to show both sides of the story. It explores the legitimacy of something like Space Force by showing that others are doing it too.

Space Force Episode 9 Recap

Pressure increases on Naird and Mallory when it comes to light that the Chinese have already set camp at the Moon. After hastily assembling a team of astronauts, led by Captain Ali, they prepare for the moon launch. But there is more trouble in store for them. Violating the Outer Space Treaty, China claims the Sea of Tranquility and tells the Space Force to land their shuttle elsewhere.

This leads to a dilemma where either Naird will have to bow down and tell his astronauts to find somewhere else to land or defy the Chinese and escalate things further. Surprisingly, Mallory is in favor of escalation. He becomes agitated and tells Naird to take some strict action. However, the General knows that if he listens to his colleague, it would mean going to war with China.

He tries to talk with his Chinese counterpart, but the response doesn’t surprise them. However, this conversation leads Naird to make a keen observation. It turns out that the Chinese are not there for research, but they are drilling for H-3. Naird finds it reason enough to let their mission go as planned. But the Chinese take it as a sign of aggression and reply with an inflammatory gesture.

Space Force Episode 9 Review

After all the challenges and setbacks, Space Force finally sends its astronauts to the Moon. In another version of the modern Moon landing, a TV show tries to compensate for the things that are long overdue. Captain Angela Ali gets to be the first woman and the first African-American to walk on the moon. The series also realizes the epicness of this arc and plays with her nervousness about making a statement when she does so. She struggles with what the people would expect her to say and what she wants to say. The episode’s title, ‘It’s good to be back on the Moon’ comes from that.

While the show focuses on the problems and fears of the first-timer astronauts, it also addresses the issue of tackling with the acts of aggression. The violation of international treaties, entering the forbidden zones, claiming the lands of one’s neighbors and encroaching in their territory- how does a leader react when such a thing happens to them. What is an appropriate response to provocation? When do you have enough reason to start a war?

Apart from the trials at the job, Naird also has some complicated stuff to take care of at home. The discussion about open marriage takes him by surprise, but it turns out to be a feasible idea the more he thinks about it. He goes on a date with Kelly, but to explain the new arrangement of the marriage to his daughter would not be easy. Erin already feels abandoned by both of her parents. One is in prison, and the other is caught up in his job so much that he barely has any time to spend with her. The collective weight of all these things can be too much to bear. Will Naird get through this, or will he crumble and fail?

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