Where is Spencer Glen Monnett Today?

The authorities from Utah are the forerunners when it comes to using genetic genealogy to solve both cold and active criminal cases. Police investigators and forensic scientists from the state use DNA samples from large, publicly accessible databases to track down offenders with the help of genetic family trees. Officials then skim down the list to possible suspects whose DNA matches the sample found in the crime scene. This technology has helped in cracking serial rape investigations and murders, among others. One of the crimes solved using genetic genealogy was the 2018 rape of a 79-year-old woman, Carla Brooks. And here’s everything we know about her attacker.

Carla Brooks Rape Case: Arrest of Spencer Glen Monnett

In April 2018, the cops of St. George, Utah, received a 911 call from a 79-year-old woman named Carla Brooks, who wanted to report a burglary. When the police reached her home, she reported that she had been sexually assaulted by a man, whose face was not visible in the darkness. The authorities were able to retrieve a DNA sample from the crime scene and although at first, no match was found, Virginia-based Parabon NanoLabs later used genetic genealogy to track down the attacker to Spencer Glen Monnett.

Where is Spencer Monnett Now?

In July 2018, following his arrest, Spencer was charged with rape, object rape, sexual battery, burglary, and assault. He eventually pleaded guilty to the first-degree felony object-rape charge.

During the trial, his victim, Carla Brooks was also present and as per The Spectrum, she re-lived the home invasion incident, saying: “So I couldn’t scream, you stuffed a rag in my mouth with such force you hurt the inside of my mouth. Holding on to my jaw, you twisted and twisted, and you were banging my head against the headboard and twisting. You put my head between the headboard and my nightstand … I fought like a tiger, but I ultimately lost. I was burned and you walked away … I was 79 years old, and I had to do a rape kit.”

However, Brooks and even her family forgave Spencer, who admitted that he had been suffering from porn addiction since his days as a pre-teen. Spencer further expressed remorse for his actions and said that he was going through a dark phase at that time. He apologized to Brooks and was sentenced to serve a minimum of six years in the Utah State Prison. As reported by Spectrum, Spencer was quoted saying in court: “At that time, your fear and pain did not matter to me. My deeds were monstrous and redirected the course of your life.”

Spencer is currently serving his time at the Utah State Prison. He had expressed his willingness to get admitted for treating his addiction and other related mental issues. Once he completes his imprisonment, he says that he wants to spread awareness regarding coping up with addictions and dealing with them in a more healthy manner.

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