Splash Swim Goggles on Shark Tank: Avoid Tangled Hair While Swimming

Swimming can be a fun exercise but when your swim goggles have broken straps or cause your hair to get pulled back, it can be a bit annoying. But gone are such days with the introduction of Splash Swim Goggles. They tackle all these problems and make swimming enjoyable by providing you with a much more comfortable pair of goggles. In order to take the brand to wider customers and get the desired exposure, they presented their company in front of the sharks in the fifteenth season of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank.’

Splash Swim Goggles: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Sometimes frustration inspires us to come up with a solution, and that is exactly how the idea for Splash Swim Goggles was conceived. In the 2010s, Ashley Carson and her family were preparing to go on a relaxing vacation. However, while getting all the things ready, she noticed that her child’s swimming goggles, which she had purchased just a month prior, were already broken. Being a busy mother, by that point, Ashley was tired of the goggles’ rubber straps, which always seemed to be breaking or getting damaged. Another issue that she noticed her child faced was that the regular goggles used to pull the hair of the wearer, which can be quite annoying.

So, since she used to own a business related to products like kids’ headbands, she took some fabric, replaced the broken strap, and ensured that it did not pull on the hair of the wearer anymore. Surprisingly, the replacement strap held up quite well. In an interview with The Irish Sun, Ashley Carson elaborated, “My mom, Karen, noticed how much better experience my kids were having at the pool, unlike the other kids who were constantly needing help adjusting and untangling their goggles.”

After seeing such a positive result, she knew she had to make such goggles available to others and make their swimming experience smoother and without any kind of frustration. Thus, she and her mother Karen launched Splash Swim Goggles in May 2017. The material of the strap in Splash Swim Goggles is “like a swimsuit fabric” and much wider than the conventional strap in order to fit the swimmers’ heads in a better and more comfortable manner. The founders claim that these goggles are best for at least 3 years old but with an opinion to adjust it for adults’ heads. After the first prototype was tested on her child, the founders took almost a year or so to make the business officially run.

Splash Swim Goggles Update: Where Are They Now?

Situated in Goodyear, Arizona, Splash Swim Goggles is a family business that has expanded due to its products that are a perfect blend of quality and style. At one point, these products were named one of Amazon’s choice products. If you wish to purchase any of the products online, you can either do it from Splash Swim Goggles’ official website or Amazon. Usually, the Swim Goggles cost $24.95 while the Swim Masks cost $26.95. When it is available on sale, you can buy the goggles at a discounted price of $21.95.

Moreover, the women-owned brand provides free shipping across the nation. The versatile product has also found its place in reputed sites like HuffPost, Good Housekeeping, Scary Mommy as well as PopSugar. Apart from selling swim goggles in a variety of colors and chic designs, the company even deals with clutch, beach bags, totes, coin purses, suit cover-ups, swim masks, and turkish towels. With such a wide array of products and multi-colored designs, Splash Swim Goggles will surely make your swimming experience fun.

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