Spy Classroom Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: Mission: Dreamspeaker II

In Spy Kyoushitsu 2nd Season or ‘Spy Classroom’ season 2 episode 9 titled ‘Mission: Dreamspeaker II,’ Klaus informs Thea and Grete that spies from all over the world who have arrived at the conference are mysteriously getting murdered by someone. Later, Lily gets framed for two of those murders and almost gets arrested. Meanwhile, Monika is challenged to high-stakes game of darts by Miranda.

Thea and Grete Learn About Their New Mission

In order to identify the dangerous Serpent members, Klaus arrived in the United States with Corpse as a captive. But he has continued to avoid offering any help to them. When Grete and Thea have a discussion about their current mission with Klaus, he reveals that there has been a string of mysterious murders and disappearances in recent times. He suspects that the dangerous Serpent group members are possibly behind them and Lamplight needs to be careful going forward.

Klaus’ suspicion turns out to be true as Sybilla gets cornered by a secret agent named Barron. Luckily, Erna arrives just in time to help her out of the dangerous situation. Meanwhile, Lily is framed for murder by someone and the police almost arrest her. But Annett helps her trick the police so that they can flee together. Elsewhere, Monika is challenged by Miranda to a high-stakes game of darts. Quite contrary to her belief, Monika realizes that her challenger can consistently hit perfect points without getting tired. 

Is Miranda Dead?

The game between Miranda and Monika continues to get even more intense. During one of the rounds, when Monika throws the dart it surprisingly gets slightly blown away from its trajectory and fails to land on the perfect score. This makes Monika suspicious as she is confident that she made the right shot. As she thinks deeply, she arrives at the conclusion that the AC ducts are operating only when it’s her turn. As if to mock her, Miranda tells Monika that the only thing that matters in the competition is to land the dart at the right place.

Monika manages to deal with the sabotage using her strength as she throws the dart with much more force than before. Miranda is quite shocked but continues to hit the right spot on the board as well. In order to push her, Monika throws three darts at once and scores perfect points. But Miranda sticks to her flawless technique and continues to score the highest possible points. This continues for a while until Monika misses a shot which lands on 1. Miranda is confident of winning but when she throws her dart, Monika follows and manages to strike it out of the path while also scoring the highest possible points with the same dart. 

When she complains, Monika reminds her that she has herself said that the only thing that matters in the competition is where the dart lands. Miranda appears defeated as she knows that she owes so much money to her opponent that it will take 20 years of work to pay off all her debt. Monika offers to forgive everything on the condition that she reveals the name of her mastermind. Instead of coming clean and giving the Lamplight some advantage, Miranda commits suicide. 

What is Purple Ant’s Special Power?

Purple Ant has been busy assassinating top secret agents who have arrived in the United States for the Tolfa Economic Conference. But it turns out that he does not always commit his crime personally but instead relies on his men to get the job done. Instead of having to put financial incentives to hire people, Purple Ant uses his power to brainwash people into becoming his worker ants, who would even take their own lives when asked to do so by him. In preparation for the sinister plan that is supposed to be executed during the Tolfa Economic Conference, he has already created an army of his men who are going to do anything he asks of them. 

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