Squid Game Challenge Deaths: How Do People Get Shot? Where Does the Blood Come From?

When watching ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ there are several crucial elements in the reality show that easily remind us of ‘Squid Game.’ However, one of the most significant differences between the game played in the fictional show and its non-fictional version is the ultimate fate of the players. As might be obvious, the idea that contestants might have to die for an actual television competition was never on the table. That said, the shock value that always came when a losing contestant was shot is also something the showrunners were seemingly unwilling to let go of.

The result of trying to combine beloved fictional elements and obvious realistic restrictions was the idea of using technology and tried and tested entertainment industry tricks to make it seem like the contestants have “died.” The process has piqued the interest of the viewers about just how all of this came about. As enthusiastic fans of the show, this is a question we ourselves have eagerly explored.

How Do Contestants “Die”? Where is the “Blood” Coming From?

During the very first on-screen eliminations in ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ viewers certainly got a shock when contestants seemingly suffered gunshot wounds after losing the game of Red Light Green Light. The surprise was immediately tempered by the fact that the liquid splattered across the contestants was black-colored and certainly did not seem to have caused the participants any harm. In fact, in many cases, the “blood-covered” contestants could be seen preparing for their tragic fall to “death.”

In order to stimulate this particular effect, the showrunners made use of bullet-hit squibs. Generally, this television effect device is filled with fake blood and attached underneath someone’s clothes. A precut hole is made in the clothes that the person to be “shot” has to wear over the squib. With perfect alignment and enough dedication on behalf of the actors, we get to see fantastic shots of realistic gunshot wounds and blood splatters.

However, in the case of the Netflix reality show, the red-colored fake blood is replaced with black-colored liquid, almost like squid ink. “The decision was made that on the squibs the players wear that explode when they are eliminated, the liquid should not be red, but black,” Stephen Lambert, one of the key producers behind the show, told Radio Times. “It’s never gory.” As for the mechanism used by the showmakers in the Netflix show, there are some details that do catch the eye.

For the most part, it does not seem like the clothes worn by the contestants have any pre-cut holes. Instead, they are drenched in black ink upon being eliminated. The squibs used in the show likely contain air compression chambers in order to make the process look like a gunshot and create a similar noise. Once a player loses a challenge, their squib is activated remotely by the showmakers, giving a visual confirmation of their ejection.

So, imagine a player in the beloved reality show doing their best to make it through a presented challenge. No matter their own confidence in their skills, the showmakers have insisted that they wear black-ink squibs under their uniforms that are based on the costumes used in ‘Squid Game.’ While trying to complete a challenge, however, the contestant ends up making a mistake that leads to their disqualification.

Using a remote control system, the showmakers activate the squib attached to the player. As per the mechanism of the squibs attached, there is a noise that sounds eerily similar to a gunshot. When the player looks down, they see their clothes covered in black ink, indicating their elimination. Now, the “dead” player has to act like they are falling down in order to demonstrate their status and lie in wait until the challenge is over so that they can be escorted out of the game without ruining the immersion. That, overall, is how the process works when it comes to a person’s eviction.

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