Staci Jett: Where is the Barbecue Showdown Contestant Now?

Netflix’s ‘Barbecue Showdown’ invites accomplished pitmasters from all over the country to participate in a cook-off. Season 3 saw some of the most intense and close competition on the series, with judges Kevin Bludso and Melissa Cookston putting their taste buds into overdrive to analyze the layers of flavor. Among the barbecuing experts, Staci Jett emerged as a humorous and lighthearted contestant who effortlessly got into her groove, making great grills as well as friends. The 46-year-old caterer even won the judges over in the fourth episode before saying farewell to everyone in the fifth.

Staci Graves Jett Continues Running a Busy Catering Business

A resident of Brooksville, Kentucky, Staci is an accomplished chef who has won accolades for her cooking on TV and in competitions, giving her mastery over a range of cuisines. She puts this expertise to good use in her catering business, Custom Creations Catering, which generally serves large weddings and private events. A few months after returning from the show, she was chosen for yet another competition, this time with Chef’s Roll, a global culinary brand and community. As a part of the Impossible Recipe Contest, she cooked up a number of eclectic dishes, including grilled kofta with warm spices accompanied by spicy harissa hummus and naan.

In the following months, Staci catered for several weddings, laying out buffets of fried chicken, pasta, and an assortment of cakes and cookies. She was invited to give a TV interview on WKYT along with her husband in early July, talking about her time on competition shows, catering, and running a business. The professional caterer really enjoys her work and often develops good relationships with her clients. “The couple, maid of honor, and Mom all had me all up in my feels when we went to leave. All hugs and smiles,” she wrote on Facebook after preparing food for a wedding of 200 in June. “My passion for what I do and why I do it came through tonight. It’s not about the money; it’s about the people.”

Staci is a Standout Member of the Professional Barbecuing Community

Through years of competitive cooking, Staci has become a prominent member of the competitive barbecuing community. She has gained many friends over the course of participating in the World Food Championships and TV shows like Food Network’s ‘Chopped Grillmasters,’ and Travel Channel’s ‘American Grilled,’ which she won. Her friendly and close-knit collective now includes members from ‘Barbecue Showdown’ season 3, many of whom bonded well with her. The competition also seems to have boosted her confidence in her own cooking, which Staci has confessed in the past was not where it should have been. She is now very self-assured and can often be heard saying that she can prepare anything that is asked of her.

The Brooksville resident often goes on outdoor trips and excursions with such groups, sautéeing food on the fly. This also includes comprehensively preparing anything she catches on her hunting or fishing expeditions, from the forest to the table. While roasting meats over a grill in the open, Staci prefers having country music playing in the background, a good bottle of bourbon in one hand, and sometimes, a cigar in the other. She often shares her vast knowledge of cooking subjects through her cookbooks and classes.

Staci Loves Cooking Hearty Meals for Her Family

Staci is a family woman at heart and never likes to spend too much time away from home. By the time the 46-year-old mother of three returned from filming ‘Barbecue Showdown’ after about three weeks, the pitmaster was already very homesick. Her husband and children were, in turn, missing her cooking as well, and she made several elaborate treats for them over the following months. These included a meat-loaded egg and cheese pizza, smoked rack of ribs with black cherry chipotle seasoning, beef stew and chicken dumplings, Yakitori chicken and sushi, and Mexican lasagna with corn, black beans, margarita chicken, taco sauce, Mexican blend cheese, and cilantro.

Her husband, Ted Jett, is proud of her accomplishments and compliments her sense of humor. On the WKYT interview, when asked how it was with Staci gone for so long, he said, “It was quiet.” He, too, runs his own small business, Ted’s Tint Shop, and is endeavoring to expand operations. The couple often go on trips together, traveling, fishing, and hunting, with Staci easily handling the rough work of chopping wood, skinning, and processing meat. In the comfort of her home with family and friends, the chef appreciates good bourbon to go with good company.

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