Preview: Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 7

Since the debut of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season 3, the crew aboard the Discovery has been searching for the Federation. Finally, in last week’s episode, they reach home. But getting adjusted to the new ways of the 32nd century is not so simple. This Thursday’s episode, ‘Scavengers’, continues this story — showcasing that although the team has located the Federation, they are far from staying united. We will come to the exact details later. Now, the show is all geared up to release its next episode. And here is everything you need to know about it.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 7 Release Date

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season 3 episode 7 will release on November 26, 2020, at 3 am ET/ 12 am PT, on CBS All Access. New installments from the 13-episode series will roll out weekly and drop every Thursday, until the season finale on January 7, 2021. Outside of the U.S., episode 7 is set to premiere a day later, i.e., on November 27, 2020, at 3 am ET on Netflix.

Where to Watch Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 7 Online?

You can watch ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season 3 episode 7 on CBS All Access’ official website and on the CBS All Access app, at the aforementioned time. International users can stream the show on Netflix, the subsequent day. In case you don’t have a subscription, you can watch the show by purchasing the episodes on Amazon Prime. You can also stream the show on DirecTV and Fubo TV. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ is also available as a VOD service on YouTube TV.

What to Expect From Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 7?

The upcoming episode is titled ‘Unification III’ – and it seems to be a continuation of the events that had happened during the ‘Unification’ episode of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation.’ You can watch its promo right here.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

In the 6th episode called ‘Scavengers’, Vance shows the newly upgraded technology of the Discovery before the crew. Meanwhile, Saru and Burnham go through a three-week-old message from Booker, which says that The Burn in fact didn’t happen all at once.

The Discovery is updated to meet the technology of the 32nd century. Saru secures a seat at the table of Vance, who informs that the planet Argeth is under threat from an attack by the Orion-Andorian syndicate, called the “Emerald Chain.” Burnham is worried when she notices that Book’s ship lands at the Federation headquarters without its captain. A three-year-old message hints that Book knew about a black box located on a nearby planet.

She approaches Saru and asks permission to use the Discovery to find Book and the black box. But the captain denies, saying that the ship might be needed by Vance. Burnham is then joined by Georgiou on her mission. They reach their location, a salvage yard, which houses an imprisoned Book. Book reveals that he has the black box and he has been planning his own escape. Finally, after a deadly fight, they are able to flee from the planet.

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