Where is Stefania Arteaga From Immigration Nation Now?

Netflix’s ‘Immigration Nation’ gives us a look into the situation of the immigration policies of the country and how they are working out on the field, affecting hundreds of thousands of families. The show captures the story from both sides. It gives us a painful look into the journey of the people who come to America to start a new life, as well as the people who are charged to bring them in. While one man is doing his job by bringing his children illegally across the border to save them and give them a chance to have a better life, there is also another who is just following orders, trying to do their job the best they can without allowing emotions to come in the way.

In between this, the docu-series also focuses on the people in between. These are the people who are helping the immigrants, dedicating their lives to the cause. There are several lawyers who have been tirelessly at work for so many years, trying to reunite families and prevent them from going back to the countries, which often mean certain death for their clients. There is, however, a young, enthusiastic girl, full of vigor and passion, who catches our attention. She is relentless about her work and will not be intimidated by anyone. Who is she and where is she now?

Who is Stefania Arteaga?

Stefania Arteaga came to America at the age of seven from El Salvador. She received her education from East Mecklenburg High School and studied Political Science and Government from Central Piedmont Community College.

Having grown up as an immigrant child, she knew all the problems that the newcomers had to face in the country and all the injustice they would be prone to. It was in 2010, after the proposal of the Dream Act legislation that would have allowed her and hundreds of thousands of other undocumented young people to become the citizens of America, that she decided to jump into the fight for immigration rights.

She has continuously worked for the cause ever since and has worked on campaigns for Education Access for Undocumented students in North Carolina, along with deportation defense campaigns. She has also worked as a paralegal advocate, a relief coordinator, and a tutor while working for several organizations that are involved with the welfare of immigrants and securing their rights. She also played a key role in successfully campaigning for anti-287g in Mecklenburg County. Meanwhile, she has also co-founded Carolina Migrant Network.

Where is Stefania Arteaga now?

Stefania lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, from where she continues to work for the rights and better policies for immigrants. Currently, she also works as a Statewide Immigrants’ Rights Organizer for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of NC. She joined the organization in January 2019, and through her work, continues to work on immigration programs, closely working with advocates and other like-minded people on the ground. Apart from this, she spends time with her three cats as well as her partner.

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