Steve and Missy Ducote: Megan Parra’s Parents are Now in Louisiana

The highly intriguing case of the death of Megan Parra would have perhaps never reached its ultimate conclusion had it not been for her family members, including her parents, Steve and Missy Ducote. ABC’s ’48 Hours: The Suspicious Death of Megan Parra’ sheds light on the details of the case and just why the Ducote family members decided to forgo their initial assumptions in order to find justice for Megan. Now, the world wants to know where Steve and Missy are these days.

Who Are Steve and Missy Ducote?

June 28, 2014, was a tragic day for Steve and Missy Ductore when they walked into their daughter Megan Parra’s home in Cottonport, Louisiana, to see her bleeding out from a gunshot wound. Realizing that her daughter was still breathing, Missy made use of her skills as a nurse to help her daughter. Meanwhile, Steve established contact with Megan’s husband, Dustin Parra, who rushed back home several minutes later. Megan was rushed to the hospital, but she tragically passed away the very next day.

Steve later stated that he was told by the lead detective of the case a couple of days later that the only fingerprints on the gun that caused Megan’s wound belonged to Megan and Dustin. Given that the weapon was actually owned by Dustin, Steve only felt more assured that his daughter may have taken her own life. However, not much later, Steve learned that such a fast analysis of fingerprints was not possible, leaving him to wonder about the truth of the situation.

As such, Steve started to look into the case with the help of his other daughter, Betsy Jeansonne. The two looked through various crime scene photographs and slowly became more and more convinced that Megan had been murdered. For four years, Steve and Betsy, with Missy’s support, continued investigating the case. From reaching out to their FBI contacts to talking to various local officials, Steve and his family were successful in getting Megan’s case reopened for re-investigation.

Where Are Steve and Missy Ducote Now?

The mission for justice for Megan Parra’s death was seemingly accomplished on March 9, 2023, when Dustin Parra pleaded guilty to negligent homicide of his wife. He admitted that he and Megan had gotten into an argument while he still had his weapon in his hand. The gun had allegedly fired when the two were still arguing, which resulted in Megan getting wounded. He then left his gun as well as his wife behind, only to be later discovered by Steve and Missy Ducote.

While Steve and Missy do seem happy about the fact that their daughter’s killer was ultimately found and punished, the two continue to mourn her loss. Presently, the couple lives in Louisiana and is trying to move on from their grief in the best way possible. Steve now works for Doyle Electric as a Payroll Manager for Human Resources. He has held the position since June 2023. He has actually been part of the company since November 2013 and has been climbing the ladder for years thanks to his hard work and determination.

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