Steven Clark: Born This Way Participant is Now Leading a Private Life

Steven Clark is one of the captivating cast members from the A&E Network’s ‘Born This Way.’ The reality show features seven adults with Down Syndrome who strive to achieve their goals. He embarked on a journey that evolved from 2015 to 2019. What made his story distinctive was his rare form of Down syndrome, known as Mosaic Down Syndrome. Unlike the typical presentation of the condition, Mosaic Down syndrome means not every cell in his body carries the extra 21st chromosome.

Consequently, Steven doesn’t exhibit all the typical characteristics associated with Down Syndrome, placing him in a unique position of not fitting the conventional mold. His journey, marked by personal achievements, challenges, and the exploration of relationships, left an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers, contributing to the broader story of inclusivity and acceptance championed by the show.

Steven Clark and Megan’s Relationship Didn’t End Well

Throughout the series, Steven Clark shared his journey of navigating life in the middle, striving to find his place in the world. The nuanced nature of Mosaic Down syndrome added complexity to his experiences, highlighting the diversity within the community. A movie buff with a remarkable memory, he could allegedly recall the Academy Award winners from nearly any year, showcasing his intellectual prowess. One of the poignant moments on the show was witnessing his triumph as he learned to ride a bike, a testament to his determination and the show’s commitment to showcasing the participants’ personal growth.

In the realm of relationships, Steven approached Elena for a ball, unaware that she had already committed to attending with John, underscoring the relatable dynamics of love and friendship. A significant turn in his story unfolded as he became roommates with Sean, a decision driven by Sean’s pursuit of his dream house. This aspect sheds light on the camaraderie and support that characterized the cast’s relationships, illustrating the unique bonds forged on the show. Another milestone for him was taking the wheel for the first time, symbolizing independence and breaking through societal expectations associated with individuals with Down syndrome.

The emotional tapestry of Steven’s life on the show included a beautiful moment shared with Megan as they watched a rainbow together. This instance encapsulated the show’s essence, capturing the genuine and heartfelt connections that blossomed among the participants. However, the complexities of relationships also played out as he later made the difficult decision to end his romantic involvement with Megan, illustrating the unfiltered and authentic portrayal of personal challenges. As the series concluded, the audience witnessed Steven’s growth and the unique facets of his personality that emerged through his experiences.

Where is Steven Clark Now?

Steven Clark has continued to make meaningful strides, showcasing his resilience and making a positive impact in various spheres of his life since his time on the show. In 2018, he participated in the Best Buddies Leadership Conference, an opportunity that further empowered him and allowed him to connect with like-minded individuals who share a commitment to inclusivity. Reaching a significant milestone in his post-show endeavors, Steven successfully landed a job at MOD Pizza, becoming the pioneer participant in their collaboration with Best Buddies California in Orange County.

Within MOD Pizza, Steven not only showcased his professional competence but also established himself as an important member of the MOD Squad, injecting the team with his infectious zeal and positive energy. This experience underscored the significance of inclusive employment and highlighted Steven’s adeptness at flourishing in a workplace setting. Beyond his professional endeavors, he has ventured into the realm of motivational speaking. His talks resonate with a message of encouragement, urging people to focus on their abilities rather than limitations.

Steven’s ability to inspire others has become a hallmark, demonstrating the lasting impact of the show’s mission to challenge stereotypes and promote understanding. In 2020, he received an honor that spoke to his unique journey. He was included in YouTube Originals’ ‘The Class of 2020,’ an acknowledgment of his contributions and an opportunity to share his story with a broader audience. This recognition not only celebrated Steven’s achievements but also reinforced the importance of diverse journeys in shaping a more inclusive society.

Adding a touch of personal flair to his life, he engaged in a candid interview with Sean McElwee in 2020. During the interview, he revealed his celebrity crush, Selena Gomez, offering a glimpse into his interests and adding a touch of lightheartedness to his public persona. Additionally, he made an appearance on the talk show ‘Meet the Biz,’ showcasing his versatility and comfort in various media settings. In a surprising twist, he took on the role of campaign manager for Melissa Sandfield, demonstrating his adaptability and expanding his involvement in areas beyond his previous experiences.

This foray into campaign management hinted at the breadth of Steven’s capabilities and the diverse roles he could embrace. While he remains active and engaged in various professional and public spheres, he has chosen to maintain a low profile on social media. Since 2020, updates about his personal life have been scarce, reflecting a deliberate decision to keep certain aspects of his life private. This choice underscores his commitment to control the story of his public presence while still making meaningful contributions in areas that matter to him. Wherever he is, we wish him all the best in his continued endeavors.

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