Steven Segars: Meredith Emerson’s Ex-Boyfriend Honored Her Memory

Steven Segars, Meredith Emerson’s boyfriend at the time of her untimely death, must have experienced immense pain and sorrow losing not just a partner but also a dear friend in such an unexpected manner. The emotional toll of such an event is undoubtedly immeasurable. While briefly featured in Hulu’s ‘Wild Crime: Blood Mountain,’ his role in the documentary has not been extensively explored. In light of the circumstances surrounding Meredith’s murder, it would be enlightening to delve into Steven Segars’ story, understanding how he coped with the loss and discovering what he is doing today, along with insights into his current whereabouts.

Steven Segar was a Suspect in Meredith’s Disappearance

Before Meredith Emerson’s disappearance during a hike in Georgia’s Blood Mountains at Vogel State Park, there was limited public information available about Steven Segars. On the day she went missing, Steven, who was her boyfriend, had a brief phone conversation with Meredith around 11 a.m. and he later described it as terse. Little did he know that it would be their final interaction. Concerned when subsequent calls at approximately 2:40 p.m. went unanswered, Steven’s worry intensified when informed by Julia, Meredith’s friend, that she had not returned from her hike. Quickly responding, Steven joined the search efforts led by law enforcement, arriving to find a case already in motion to locate Meredith.

Steven played an important role in the investigation by leading the police to the location of Meredith’s Chevrolet Cavalier, which was discovered about 24 hours after her disappearance. By then, dust and leaves had already accumulated on the windshield. Near the car, additional items belonging to Meredith, including her water bottle, her dog Ella’s leash, and a police baton, were found. However, as depicted in the documentary, suspicions began to arise around Steven, with some police officers considering those close to the victim as initial suspects in such cases rather than strangers. However, very soon his name was cleared and the police began looking into the involvement of a Gary Hilton in Meredith’s murder.

Devastated by the news of Meredith’s murder at the hands of Gary Hilton, Steven spoke to the media, acknowledging her brilliance and the irreplaceable light she brought into the world. However, after Meredith’s body was returned to her parents and flown to Colorado, Steven chose to grieve privately, refraining from making further public statements. His enduring grief is a testament to the impact Meredith had on those who knew and loved her.

Where is Steven Segar Now?

Steven, attending the trial of Gary Hilton, the convicted murderer of Meredith, delivered a poignant testimony, eloquently reflecting on Meredith’s vibrant life. He contrasted Hilton’s wasted six decades with Meredith’s profound 24 years, emphasizing that she had lived a lifetime of experiences that Hilton could never comprehend. In his testimony, Steven painted a vivid picture of Meredith’s character and the depth of her impact, further emphasizing the tragedy of her untimely and brutal demise at the hands of a remorseless serial killer.

Steven, joined by other friends of Meredith, established a memorial at the location where her belongings were discovered. Several months after the event, individuals walking the trail Meredith once traversed paid their respects at the memorial. In interviews, Steven revealed that he visited the site, bringing flowers to honor Meredith’s memory. Expressing the symbolic connection between Meredith and the hikers, he conveyed that she had, in a way, cleared a path for them. Steven encouraged others to take a moment during their journey to reflect on Meredith’s life, ensuring her presence remained intertwined with the trail. As for his current whereabouts, there’s scarce information on Steven. But from what we can tell, he continues to reside in South Carolina.

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