Supacell: Is Dionne Dead?

In Netflix’s ‘Supacell,’ a man discovers he has the power to manipulate time and ends up in the future, where he discovers that his fiancée will die within a few months. In the present, he has to find a way to save her while exploring his newfound powers and testing their limits to know how far he can go with them. The entire season revolves around him making sure that his fiancee is safe and doesn’t end up in a situation where she might die. In the end, however, he realizes that no matter what he does, changing the course of events is out of his hands. Still, there might yet be some hope. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Inevitability of Dionne’s Death is Revealed in the Finale

When Michael ends up in the future, his future self tells him about Dionne’s death, but he also mentions that there is a chance for them to change things. He believes that Michael’s showing up in the future proves they can change things; hence, there must be a way to change Dionne’s fate. This leads Michael to assemble the group at all costs because he thinks that is the only way to keep the villains at bay and save the love of his life. But that is not enough to change things.

At one point, Spud mentions that Michael meeting his future self might have caused a butterfly effect and changed the order of events and their timeline. So essentially, the meeting itself might have changed the date Dionne dies, and that is exactly what happens in the end. She doesn’t die on the date that Michael saw in the future. She dies much earlier, which isn’t something Michael had considered before.

Despite his efforts to keep Dionne away from all the superhero mess, Michael realizes there is no way he can stop her from following the leads that unwittingly end up her way. In fact, he makes the whole thing worse by keeping secrets, which further pushes her to seek answers for herself. By the time he comes around to tell her why he doesn’t want her to get into all of this, it is already too late. She ends up right in the middle of the fight and becomes collateral damage no matter what.

Future-Michael had warned present-Michael to keep Dionne away from the gang boys, and it should have been his hint when they all ended up in A-Town, which is the hub of all criminal activities. A fight breaks out here as a desperate Sabrina attacks Krazy, demanding answers to Sharlene’s fate, who was last seen going after Krazy to kill him. The mistake that Sabrina, Michael, and their group make is believing they are the only ones with superpowers. So, they are shocked when it turns out Krazy has powers too.

A New Aspect of Michael’s Power is Revealed

As the fight breaks out, Krazy becomes the head of the Hydra that must be slayed, but he proves to be much more cunning than expected. His power is to siphon the powers of others, and at one point, he siphons Rodney’s lightning-fast speed and kills everyone in a split second by slitting their throats. As Michael falls to his death, he sees Krazy killing Dionne, but then, just as Michael dies, time reverses, and he finds himself at the point right before Krazy siphoning Rodney’s powers. Before the villain can make a move, Michael decides to kill him. The others are shocked by his actions because, generally, he is the one to advise restraint. As he tries to explain why he did it, a half-dead Krazy gets his hands on a gun and points it at Michael.

Michael would have been the one to get shot, but Rodney gets him out of the way, and the bullet ends up hitting Dionne in her neck. Realizing what has happened, Michael tries to use his powers, but the sense of panic prevents him from doing anything. All he can do is watch Dionne bleed while crying for help, all the while knowing that he has failed to do the one thing that he had been focused on all along. Later, we see him accept that Dionne is gone, and instead of bringing her back, he is now focused on revenge. He decides to go to the future and find out more about the people who caused all these problems. Does this mean Dionne is gone for good?

Michael Might Yet Find a Way to Rewrite the Past

The present Michael might be intuitive about his powers, but there is still so much he doesn’t know. Out of all the others, he is also the only one to have multiple powers, including the ability to turn back time every time he dies. This basically makes him unkillable because every time he dies, time will reverse a few minutes, and he will be alive again, knowing exactly how to save himself. For now, this is the limit of his powers, but who is to say that as he grows more powerful and pushes his own limits, he won’t be able to change things?

The possibilities are endless because it is a superhero series, as the audience, much like Michael, is also in the dark about what is in store. It might take some time, but there is a good chance that Michael might eventually end up reversing time at a much larger scale and, once again, get the chance to save Dionne, this time succeeding.

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