Super Rich in Korea Season 1: Where is the Cast Now?

The city of Seoul, South Korea, has long attracted the attention of many due to its thriving modern culture. Netflix’s ‘Super Rich in Korea’ follows five individuals who can only be termed under-wealthy or “super rich” and are closely connected to the city. The featured cast members have roots outside South Korea but have their own reasons as to why they love Seoul so much and enjoy spending time there. Their lavish and awe-worthy lifestyles have certainly succeeded in luring viewers to get an inside view of it all.

David Yong is a Business Tycoon

David Yong’s proclamations of being part of Singapore’s top 1% certainly left an impression on the viewers. The businessman studied to be a lawyer and is now the Group CEO of Evergreen Group Holdings, having obtained the position in January 2012. He is also a Managing Partner for YSL Legal. Though hailing from Singapore, he often travels to other countries like South Korea and Cambodia in order to oversee his business and expand the empire his family has established.

In the Netflix series, David Yong confessed his desire to work alongside content creators and other celebrities from South Korea and bring them closer to those in Southeast Asia. With over 107K followers, he has a following that is nothing short of outstanding, and he often works alongside others in the field. He has also revealed his plans to start his own K-pop label in 2024. In May 2024, David completed three years of being in South Korea, an experience he has enjoyed immensely. David, who celebrated his birthday in March 2024, has also taken up modeling and enjoys sharing his various accomplishments on social media.

Aren Yoo is a Client Ambassador

As a woman who lives and breathes fashion, Aren Yoo or Yoo Hee-ra, leads a highly impressive life. She serves as a Client Ambassador for companies like Miu Miu and has such good relationship with the head designers of Dolce and Gabbana that Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana themselves gave her permission to use their store in Seoul as the venue for her birthday party in the show. Due to her work, Aren often attends international fashion events and is always proud to present the fashion brands that she has partnered up with. Thanks to her exceptional work and determination, she has quite a fanbase, with over 44K people following her on Instagram.

Noor Naem is a Podcast Host

More popularly known as Noor Stars, Noor Naem is a highly popular content creator from the Middle East. Her content started off as purely Arabic, which set her apart from the crowd and helped her grow in many ways. She presently has about 15 million Instagram followers and a YouTube subscriber count of over 20 million. Most of Noor’s content is focused on lifestyle, and she often partners with beauty brands and promotes their products on social media.

On April 25, 2024, the second season of Noor’s podcast, ‘Stars Podcast’ was released and was well-received by her fans. The first season of the same was released in April 2023. This is only one of many reasons why Noor is so revered as a content creator. In fact, she was even awarded the Content Creator of the Year award during the 2023 Arab Woman Awards. Having come from a family with a single mother and often facing struggles due to their refugee status, Noor is a self-made woman who is proud of all that she has achieved to date. She is now planning to enter the world of business and very much enjoys her life in Seoul.

Teodoro Marani is Looking After Many Ventures

Originally from Milan, Italy, Teodoro Marani has created a life for himself in Seoul. His father, Tullio Marani, is the Head Designer and Founder of the Italian luxury brand called Henry Beguelin. The Italian man decided to start his own business ventures and established Loop Trade Innovators in September 2022. He specializes in importing and exporting beverages from South Korea. The reality TV star is also quite an accomplished chef and offers lessons to important clients in The Hyundai Mall.

Despite his on-screen reluctance to go back to Italy, Teodoro did seem to have much love for the brand his family had established. He even takes care of the stores that are located in and around Seoul. His father, Tullio, even visited him in Seoul in March 2024. Additionally, Teodoro is the mind behind Portofino Dry Gin, which won the Best Gin in Korea award by Korea Wine and Spirits in April 2024.

Kim Anna is Bridging the Gap Between South Korea and Pakistan

Given the significant amount of time she spent in South Korea, Kim Anna’s love for the country and its culture is undeniable. Through her marriage to Malik Muhammad Qamar Hayat Tiwana, she is part of the Pakistani nobility, with the family even having tiger and lion cubs as pets! The lavish lifestyle that Kim has is quite remarkable, and she is always mindful of adhering to the traditions of Pakistan and all her responsibilities as a noblewoman.

Combining her love for South Korea and Pakistan, Kim decided to use professional methods to bring the two cultures together. As such, she launched her own line of Korean beauty products called Anna Korean Beauty. The objective of the same is to bring the trends of the South Korean fashion industry to Pakistan. Kim is also the mind behind Kim Traders, which connected Seould, Pakistan, and the UAE city of Dubai.

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