Survivor 37: Where Are The Contestants Now?

‘Survivor 37,’ also known as ‘Survivor: David vs. Goliath,’ captivated audiences throughout its airing. Viewers were treated to blindsides, immunity challenges, and intense tribal dynamics that kept them on the edge of their seats. The season premiered on September 26, 2018, on CBS, with the seasoned host, Jeff Probst, once again guiding the contestants through the grueling competition. As the finale unfolded, fans witnessed the crowning of the Sole Survivor and the winner of the million-dollar prize. Now that ‘Survivor 37’ has concluded, fans may be curious about the whereabouts of the contestants.

Nick Wilson is Now a Politician

Image Credit: Nick Wilson/Twitter

Nick Wilson, the ‘Survivor 37’ winner, has been embroiled in controversy following his political career. After serving as a prosecutor, he entered Kentucky politics and became a representative in the Kentucky House of Representatives in 2022. However, his support for SB 150, legislation criticized as anti-LGBTQIA, stirred powerful reactions from all, even his fellow contestants. While talking to The People, Wilson defended his vote and asserted that SB 150 aims to protect children from making life-altering decisions. He likened it to the OxyContin epidemic, emphasizing its focus on minors. Despite accusations, he maintains it’s not ‘anti-trans’ legislation.

Recently, Wilson introduced a new legal law, raising eyebrows once again. Taking to Facebook, he shared details about filing HB 269, intending to amend the incest statute. The bill proposed adding “sexual contact” to the statute, making it a Class D Felony. However, an inadvertent change during drafting omitted “first cousins” from the relationships covered. Wilson swiftly addressed the mistake, vowing to refile the bill with the correction intact. While facing scrutiny for his political choices, Wilson remains steadfast in his beliefs, emphasizing the importance of protecting children and combating familial abuse.

The controversies surrounding his legislative actions continue to spark debates and discussions within and beyond the ‘Survivor’ community. Apart from professional success, Wilson is lucky in his personal life too. He is married to his longtime partner, Grizel Vilchez. In early 2023, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Malachi. The couple is now eagerly anticipating the arrival of another addition to their family–a baby boy expected in 2024. This marks a joyous and exciting time for Wilson, Grizel, and their growing family, as they look forward to embracing the blessings of parenthood once again.

Mike White is an Emmy Award Winner Today

Mike White, the show’s runner-up, has emerged as a creative force in the realms of cinema and television. An already established director became the maestro behind ‘The One and Only Ivan,’ a screenplay lauded for its visual excellence, which secured victories at the Hollywood Post Alliance Awards and Visual Effects Society Awards. In 2021, White’s brainchild, ‘The White Lotus,’ a comedy television miniseries, clinched three Primetime Emmy Awards. Undeterred, he penned the screenplay for the Illumination film ‘Migration’ in 2023.

Mike, residing in Santa Monica with partner Josh, orchestrates success with a modest online presence. His sanctuary in Kauai, shared with three canine companions – Hazelnut, Peanut, and Coconut, mirrors his commitment to artistic brilliance. In the world of Mike, work becomes the loudest testimony to his genius.

Angelina Keeley is Now a Mother of Two Kids

Angelina Keeley, the strategic runner-up of the show, has embarked on a transformative path. Leaving behind her financial consulting role at Deloitte, she assumed the mantle of Founder and CEO at Miss Limitless. In a heartwarming chapter of her life, Angelina, alongside her Marine husband Austin, welcomed daughters Sophia Michele in 2020 and Gabriella in 2022. Balancing the demands of entrepreneurship and motherhood, Angelina fills her social media canvas with appreciation for her family, offering fans glimpses into their cherished moments. The dynamic entrepreneur also graced the screen with an appearance on ‘The White Lotus,’ showcasing her diverse pursuits.

Kara Kay is a Licensed Realtor Today

Kara Kay’s ‘Survivor’ journey extended beyond the island as her love life got intertwined with fellow contestant Alec Merlino. Not long after the intense filming concluded, Kara found herself entangled in a tumultuous dating controversy with fellow cast mate Alec Merlino. Their post-show connection made headlines when Alec boldly posted a picture of the two on Instagram, accompanied by a provocative caption that stirred quite a storm. The aftermath of this audacious move resulted in consequences for Alec. According to TMZ, he faced repercussions for violating the non-disclosure agreement, leading to his exclusion from the ‘Survivor 37’ finale and reunion show, along with withheld appearance fees.

Kara’s role in this controversy remains somewhat shrouded, with her specific consequences undisclosed. Entertainment Weekly reported their breakup in 2021, shedding light on the rocky nature of their relationship. Intriguingly, according to Showbiz CheatSheet, whispers of a rekindled romance surfaced in 2022, adding an unexpected twist to their relationship. Meanwhile, Kara has carved a niche in real estate, earning her stripes as a licensed realtor at Compass and Canter Brokerage. Spearheading her venture, Kara Kay & Associates, she specializes in coastal properties, adding a touch of luxury to San Diego’s real estate landscape. Her ventures extend to television, featuring in a brief role on ‘The White Lotus,’ marking another milestone in her after-the-show life.

Alison Raybould is an Oncologist

Alison Raybould, now an MD in Hematology Oncology at Bon Secours Cancer Institute and a physician with UNC Health Care, embodies resilience and professional success. She got married to Jesse Wright in November 2021. While celebrating a blissful second wedding anniversary with her husband, she told her fans that they had undertaken the adventure of renovating their home.

Alison candidly shared her reflections on body image with Entertainment Weekly, unraveling the complexities of self-perception post-starvation on the show. Through her openness, she advocated for a healthier understanding of body image, transcending societal expectations. In medicine and self-expression, Alison Raybould continues to inspire and make her mark.

Davie Rickenbacker Has Ventured into Cosplaying Today

Davie Rickenbacker has diversified his pursuits, now donning the hat of a Health Communication Specialist at the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health in Georgia. Residing in Atlanta, he intertwines his passion for creativity through Beltline Cosplay LLC, diving into the captivating world of cosplay. His multifaceted talents extend to iSpeakDavie Creative LLC, where he, as a professional Voice Talent, lends his voice to podcasts, speaking engagements, and an array of commercial and character voiceovers. Davie’s storytelling prowess also finds expression as a contributing writer for Insider, adding yet another layer to his eclectic journey.

Christian Hubicki is a Robotics Research Scientist at FSU

Christian Hubicki has ventured into academics, now serving as a Robotics Professor and Director at the Optimal Robotics Lab at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, Florida State University. Renowned in his field, Christian received the 2022 Outstanding Locomotion Paper award at ICRA, the world’s largest scientific robotics conference. Sharing his expertise, he engages with audiences at events like Dragon Con in Atlanta. Embracing a new chapter, he has relocated to Tallahassee with his girlfriend, Emily, blending his professional pursuits with personal milestones.

Gabby Pascuzzi is Currently a Doctoral Graduate Student

Gabby Pascuzzi has shifted her focus to academia, pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy – PhD in Social Psychology at the University at Buffalo until 2026. As a doctoral graduate student, she immerses herself in the world of academia and is affiliated with the Society for Technical Communication. Amidst scholarly pursuits, Gabby nurtures a love for feline companions, cherishing the company of her two adored cats. While her relationship status remains a mystery, Gabby’s journey unfolds in academia and beyond.

Carl Boudreaux Prefers to Keep His Life Away From Public Eye

Carl Boudreaux candidly shared his ‘Survivor’ experience on social media and also about a personal loss. In a cryptic tweet, Carl alluded to the loss of his family after the show ended and a desire to see dedicated players return to the show. While maintaining an active online presence, Carl adeptly guards the details of his personal life from the public eye, leaving room for curiosity and speculation. Active yet private, he engages with followers, expressing his sentiments on the game’s dynamics and personal challenges.

Alec Merlino is an Endurance Athlete Today

Alec Merlino, once entangled in the ‘Survivor’ controversy, has transcended beyond the realms of reality TV chaos. According to TMZ, a week after filming ended, Alec posted a picture of himself with his then-girlfriend and fellow contestant Kara on social media, which was a violation of the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Alec reportedly faced a $5 million fine and his appearance fees were withheld. Reportedly, Alec later told Entertainment Weekly that they had parted ways. However, according to Showbiz CheatSheet, they allegedly rekindled their romance again around 2022.

Since then, Alec has gone silent about the topic and is on a new path, embracing creativity. He portrayed Hutch in HBO’s ‘The White Lotus,’ showcasing his acting prowess. His entrepreneurial spirit shines as the Founder of Head and Hart Clothing, where he merges brand strategy with endurance and athleticism. Adding a vocal twist, Alec dons the hat of a podcast host for ‘Taco Talks,’ a show seamlessly blending driving, eating, and talking. Alec shapes his multifaceted ]identity by engaging in brand collaborations as well.

Dan Rengering is a Model Today

Dan Rengering, the S.W.A.T. Cop turned model, has embarked on a new chapter of life. Co-authoring the book, Fresh Pursuit with Jennifer Field, Dan not only delves into the literary world but also graces book covers as a sought-after model. His social media reflects a balance between his roles as a dedicated father to two daughters and a fitness enthusiast. He often shares glimpses of his workout routines and modeling ventures. Dan’s journey unfolds as a blend of family, fitness, and a thriving modeling career.

John Hennigan is Now a Filmmaker

John Hennigan, renowned in the wrestling world as John Morrison, has extended his legacy beyond ‘Survivor.’ Tying the knot with fellow wrestler Kira Forster, aka Taya Valkyrie, John continues to grace the wrestling rings for promotions like AEW and AAA Worldwide. He has continued to make TV appearances and in-ring championships like the Lucha Libre World Cup, Game Changer Wrestling, Major League Wrestling, and Creator Clash 2.

John also returned to WWE in 2019. Beyond wrestling, he has ventured into the creative realm, releasing his directorial debut, ‘The Iron Sheik Massacre,’ a comedy horror short film co-written and produced with Kira Forster. John’s magnetic presence is not only confined to the ring, as he explores the diverse landscapes of entertainment, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Elizabeth Olson is Now Living a Farm Life

Elizabeth Olson now navigates life with a unique venture—a community garden spanning an impressive 40,000 square feet. In a candid conversation with Entertainment Weekly, she revealed the toll ‘Survivor’ took on her marriage. Reflecting on her Survivor experience, Elizabeth confessed that the show strained her relationship, admitting, “Being on ‘Survivor’ was costly to my marriage.” Despite her husband’s initial support, the post-show obsession and attention proved challenging. Elizabeth, now a mother of four, has found solace in farm life. Embracing a new chapter, she acknowledges the journey to mend the strains, emphasizing the importance of family over a TV show.

Lyrsa Torres is a Podcaster Today

Lyrsa Torres, known for her ‘Survivor’ stint, has evolved into a multi-faceted professional. Engaging in various pursuits, Lyrsa showcased her resilience by buying her own home in 2022. Beyond Survivor, she delved into podcasting with ‘Heavy Leather Horror’ and now showcases her artistic side through an art account. Professionally, she serves as the Marketing OPS Specialist at Chiesi Group and is the CEO of Fine Minx Production / Kunt Boston, a burlesque production company she co-founded. Lyrsa’s journey encompasses diverse roles, including Culinary Consultant at Pitanza PR and a previous stint as a customer service coordinator for Spindrift.

Natalie Cole Now Runs a Successful Publication

Natalie Cole, not just a ‘Survivor’ alumna but a CEO extraordinaire, leads a dynamic professional life. As the CEO of Our Weekly Media, she navigates the realms of media and publishing. Additionally, she holds the position of CEO at Kalaiaah Natural Skincare, displaying her prowess in the business world. A keynote speaker, Natalie is recognized for her accomplishments in founding and leading multiple companies, including Our Weekly Antelope Valley and Healthier You Magazine. Her personal life, marked by her daughter’s wedding in 2022, adds another layer to her successful journey, portraying a life rich in professional and personal triumphs.

Natalia Azoqa Continues To Work as an Industrial Engineer

Natalia Azoqa, after her ‘Survivor’ journey, embraced a new chapter marked by personal milestones. She tied the knot with Henry Montgomery on November 11, 2018. The couple later welcomed their bundle of joy, Luka Azoqa Montgomery, on December 6, 2020. Currently, Natalia thrives as an industrial engineer at SoCalGas, keeping her life intricately private, and focusing on her family and professional pursuits.

Bi Nguyen is a Staunch Mental Health Advocate

Bi Nguyen has embarked on a versatile career journey since her time on the show. Venturing into the MMA arena, she made a stellar debut in the Singapore-based promotion, One Championship, showcasing her prowess with a victory. A retired pro fighter and self-defense educator, Bi assumes the role of a Combat Sports agent at KOreps- Oren Hodak. Beyond the ring, she passionately advocates for mental health, appearing on podcasts like ‘Tiger MILF Podcast.’ Seemingly, Bi Nguyen embraces married life, as mentioned on her Facebook profile. Keeping all the details about her personal life very private, she aptly balances her professional achievements and personal happiness.

Jeremy Crawford is a Lawyer

Jeremy Crawford has now transitioned into a life of privacy and cherished family moments. He made an appearance on ‘The Price Is Right’ in May 2019. Jeremy, now a lawyer, resides in Miami, Florida. Preferring to keep his life discreet, he finds joy in spending quality time with his family, away from the public eye.

Jessica Peet Has Embraced Motherhood

Jessica Peet’s life post-‘Survivor’ is adorned with familial bliss and motherhood. She got married to a baseball player, Ryne Stanek, on May 27, 2021. The couple welcomed their daughter, Joelle Layne Stanek, into the world on September 21, 2021. Embracing the role of a mother, she joyfully navigates the challenges and joys of parenting. She happily announced the expected arrival of their second child, a boy named Rowan Thomas, in October 2023. Jessica, with her family, now resides in Houston, savoring the moments of her mommy life.

Pat Cusack is Now a Family Man

Pat Cusack, after his ‘Survivor’ journey, has found solace and happiness in the simplicity of everyday life. Alongside his wife and three kids, Pat indulges in the joys of familial bonds, creating a haven of domestic bliss. His new chapter revolves around the warmth of family, and enjoying the ordinary yet precious moments life has to offer.

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