Survivor 38: Where Are The Contestants Now?

‘Survivor 38,’ under the title ‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction.’ made its debut on February 20, 2019, on CBS, with the charismatic host, Jeff Probst, leading the charge. The season unfolded with a series of intense challenges and unexpected turns that kept audiences eagerly anticipating each episode. The show has undoubtedly left its mark on the show’s legacy, adding another compelling chapter to the storied history of ‘Survivor.’ As we look back on the exhilarating challenges, strategic gameplay, and journeys of the castaways, let’s delve into where these contestants are these days, celebrating the lasting impact of ‘Survivor’ on their lives.

Chris Underwood Won a Show Again

The victorious ‘Survivor’ of season 38, Chris Underwood, has since ventured into various endeavors. In May 2022, he took on the role of a celebrity tribe captain in the inaugural NMB ‘Celebrity Survivor Challenge.’ Notably, he triumphed in CBS’s ‘The Challenge: USA 2’ in 2023. Presently, Chris serves as the Area Director of LGCY Power and collaborates with Renewable Advising and Development Group, LLC as a Solar Dealer. He recently purchased a new house, marking a new chapter in his life. In a candid conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Chris shared the challenges he faced post-show, acknowledging the impact of the experience on his mental health. Married to his college sweetheart, Katelyn Jermstad, since April 26, 2019, the couple welcomed their daughter, Margot Lyn Underwood, in 2022.

Gavin Whitson is Now a Father

As the runner-up in ‘Survivor 38,’ Gavin Whitson’s life has seen significant developments. Immediately after the show, he tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Carly. The couple joyfully announced Carly’s pregnancy on June 10, 2022, and their daughter, Ellie Lou Whitson, was born on December 14, 2022. Gavin has been holding the position of Director of Talent Acquisition at Dominion Senior Living since 2022. His professional journey includes roles such as Human Resources Manager at Dominion Group and Business Office Director at Everlan By Dominion. Gavin currently resides in Erwin, Tennessee, balancing his professional and personal life.

Julie Rosenberg is an Educational Consultant

Julie Rosenberg has transitioned into the role of an NYC Educational Consultant and Co-Founder of The Admissions Plan. Additionally, she serves as the Owner of Henry+Wren, an Eco-friendly toy company dedicated to creative play and learning. Julie shares her life with her husband Mark Rosenberg, their two children, Zoe and Zack, and their two dogs. Notably, Zack recently enrolled at Brown University, bringing immense pride to Julie.

Rick Devens is the Director Of Communications Today

Following ‘Survivor,’ Rick Devens continued to engage with the ‘Survivor’ community. He participated in ‘Sequester’ in May 2020 and has become a new co-host on Jeff Probst’s official ‘Survivor’ podcast, ‘On Fire.’ In his personal life, Rick is happily married to Becca Devins, and they have two children, Jack and Juliet. Alongside his responsibilities as Director Of Communications at Middle Georgia State University, Rick co-hosts the ‘Surviving Snyder’ Podcast and is actively involved in news anchoring. He holds certifications in Social Media Marketing and Public Information Officer Awareness.

Lauren O’Connell is Now a Senior Marketing Associate

Lauren O’Connell, a participant in the ‘Sequester’ in June 2020, has pursued further education, graduating from Georgetown University with a master’s in Physiology and Biophysics. In the professional realm, Lauren has embraced the role of Senior Marketing Associate at GQR Global Markets since 2023. Notably, she is the founder of the Lauren O’Connell Soccer and Performance Academy. Lauren’s diverse career has included positions such as Talent & Culture Associate at TalentGravity and Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Electronic Arts. While a 2021 report suggests a relationship with fellow ‘Survivor’ contestant Xander, neither party has officially confirmed the status.

Victoria Baamonde is a Culture and Experience Specialist

Victoria Baamonde has embraced a new role as the Culture and Experience Specialist at Fi since 2023. Her journey includes stints as a Product Designer at curaJOY, a User Interface Designer at Twitch Partnered Streamer San Marzano, and a position at the Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine. In a candid interview with Entertainment Weekly, Victoria revealed the end of a three-year relationship around 2021. She shares her life with her canine companion, Gibby Goldfish.

Aurora McCreary Recently Got Married

Aurora McCreary has found love and tied the knot with Veronica in September 2023. As a dedicated Family Law Attorney, she has held the position of Senior Attorney with The Windle Family Law Firm since 2020. Aurora has previously worked with Weiss, Grunor Barclay & Barnett. The couple resides in Orlando, Florida, accompanied by their three furry friends.

Ron Clark is a Teacher Today

Renowned as a teacher, author, and founder of the Ron Clark Academy, Ron Clark has continued to impact education. Beyond his ‘Survivor’ journey, he hosts special ‘Survivor’ viewing parties at the Ron Clark Academy. Ron invests much of his time in educating and traveling with children. Adding to his role as a dog dad to Hamilton & Westbrook, Ron Clark is happily married to his husband, Lloyd Sage.

Dan “Wardog” DaSilva is a Lawyer

Dan “Wardog” DaSilva has embarked on a legal journey, graduating from the Pepperdine University School of Law in May 2019. Transitioning from ‘Survivor,’ he participated in ‘Sequester’ in May 2020. Currently, Wardog is associated with Freeman Mathis & Gray. Amid professional pursuits, he faced a personal loss with the passing of his loyal companion, dog Corrado, in 2020.

Kelley Wentworth Now Works in Social Media Marketing

Kelley Wentworth’s dynamic journey unfolded in the realms of marketing and events. After competing in the first ‘Survivor’-themed mini-competition of ‘Sequester’ in May 2020, Kelley has been a constant presence at Highway 9 Marketing and Events since 2016. Elevating her role, she assumed the position of Director of Brand & Social Media Marketing in 2022. Kelley, residing in Seattle with her husband, Arlen Pritchard, shares her life with three pets—Lola, Cash, & June. The trio joins her in adventures, fitness pursuits, travel, and creating cocktail recipes. She actively engages in brand collaborations, shaping her professional trajectory.

David Wright is Now a TV Writer

David Wright’s creative journey has evolved beyond the ‘Survivor’ landscape, marked by his contributions to TV projects like ‘Beavis and Butt-Head,’ ‘The Gimmicks,’ ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks,’ ‘House of Chico,’ and ‘Legendary Dudas.’ In a poignant moment, he introduced Jonesy, a cat, as a new member of his life. Love blossomed as David found a partner in Laura, enriching his journey. Beyond the screen, he engages with fans on Cameo and shares personalized messages. Despite the triumphs, David coped with the profound loss of his mother due to complications from COPD. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, he discussed enduring connections with fellow contestants and announced his retirement from ‘Survivor,’ expressing gratitude for the transformative experiences gained over two seasons.

Julia Carter is a Medical Intern Today

Beyond the challenges of ‘Survivor,’ Julia Carter’s journey unfolded dynamically. In June 2019, she penned a compelling essay titled “Push Me to the Edge: My Survivor Experience,” offering insights into her motivations and reflections on the season’s theme. Transitioning from reality TV, Julia achieved a significant milestone in 2021 by completing medical school. Embarking on a new chapter, she commenced her Internal Medicine Residency at UPenn in 2022. Julia’s Instagram paints a vibrant picture, showcasing her interests in lifestyle, fashion, and travel, with visits to diverse locations like Rome, Philadelphia, Portugal, and Jamaica. Passionate about making a difference, she initiated the Carter Family Foundation, a nonprofit endeavor. Julia currently resides in Newark, NJ.

Eric Hafemann is Still a Firefighter Paramedic

Eric Hafemann continues his commitment to public service as a firefighter paramedic with the Paramedic Santa Clara County Fire Department. In addition to his professional pursuits, Eric finds fulfillment in his family life, sharing it with his wife, Lindsey Hafemann, and their two sons. His passion for running remains a constant in his life.

Joe Anglim is an Artist and Coach

Joe Anglim’s journey reflects a fusion of art, coaching, and family life. As an artist and coach, he channels his creativity through Healing Foundations & Artfullness Workshops under the brand Joe Anglim Art. Through these workshops, he empowers others to explore and master their creativity, cultivate energy, and build foundations for health, happiness, and success. Engaging in brand collaborations, Joe has diversified his pursuits. He married Sierra Dawn Thomas on November 24, 2019, and their family has expanded with two children, Bella Dawn, born in May 2021, and Vander Joseph, born in August 2022. The couple even made a joint appearance on ‘The Double Scoop,’ sharing insights into their life.

Wendy Diaz is Now Active on Twitch

Wendy Diaz, a unique ‘Survivor’ alum, achieved a distinctive world record by solving the most Rubik’s Cubes while hula hooping. Beyond her record-breaking endeavors, Wendy is active on Twitch, showcasing her diverse talents. She’s romantically involved with Jonathan. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Wendy revealed that her motivation to join ‘Survivor’ went beyond the game, as she aimed to protect the tribe’s chickens from becoming a meal for castaways, a mission she accomplished by releasing them during a tribal switch.

Aubry Bracco is a Mom Today

Aubry Bracco’s journey has been rich and multi-faceted after the show. Professionally, Aubry has stepped into leadership as the CEO at Coaching International since 2021, leveraging her strategic acumen. Beyond corporate endeavors, she has become a Marketing Consultant, leaving an indelible mark on various companies and brands. Aubry’s storytelling continues on the ‘Talking Too Loud’ podcast, offering insights into her life.

In June 2017, she ventured into podcasting with ‘Odd With Aubry,’ showcasing her storytelling prowess. The year 2022 brought a profound personal milestone when her father underwent a successful heart transplant, highlighting resilience and family bonds. Love became a prominent theme in Aubry’s life as she started dating Tyler Morrow. Their journey reached new heights with their baby boy, OJM, in August 2023.

Keith Sowell is a Poet Today

Keith Sowell, a multifaceted individual, has immersed himself in poetry, worship, and mental health advocacy. He penned his first collection titled “Deep Press On,” delving into a 30-poem journey through depression and anxiety intertwined with faith. Engaged in the Fayetteville, NC Detour Poetry Slam Team from January to June 2023, Keith co-released his second work, “Finding the Way.” Beyond his literary pursuits, he served as an AmeriCorps College Adviser at Duke University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in African-American and Black Studies in 2020.

Reem Daly is a Federal Account Executive

Post her journey on ‘Survivor,’ Reem Daly has embraced a life filled with love and family moments. Her social media presence reflects the joy she finds in her family. Currently working as a Federal Account Executive at Extreme Networks since May 2022, Reem has carved a successful career path. Before this, she contributed to Sail Point, earning recognition with the Sail Point Admirals Club 2020 award in 2021. Additionally, Reem offers personalized messages on Cameo, uniquely connecting with fans.

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