David Jelinsky: Survivor Contestant is a Trained Ballroom Dancer

While there are innumerable survivalist reality shows on the block, very few hit home like ‘Survivors’ on CBS. First released in 2000, it follows several castmates, divided into teams attempting to survive against all odds while vying for the coveted million-dollar cash prize along with the prestigious title of the ‘Sole Survivor.’ Season 46 of the hit series was released in 2024. David Jelinsky happens to be the youngest participant of the season and joined as a part of the Yanu tribe. Here’s all that we know about the determined youngster.

David Jelinsky is Pursing Dual Degrees in His University

David Jelinsky was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 2, 2001. He did his schooling at the Doral Academy of Nevada Red Rock. Since August 2021, David has been pursuing his graduation in Gaming Management and International Business at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Being extremely agile and athletic, he served as the varsity basketball captain for four years and was the varsity quiz captain for two years. He was also a participant for all four years. Being the season’s youngest castaway often leads one to think that he may not be prepared for the hardships the show is going to bring his way. However, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Having struggled through his growing-up years as the child of two addicts, David had to mature quite early for himself and his brother Lukas Jelinsky. His upbringing taught him the importance of perseverance and tenacity against all odds. Seeing his father get arrested in 2006 for betting and seeing his mother get hit had adverse effects on the then-youngster. Meanwhile, his father eventually moved away to Florida after choosing to do bookkeeping for a few more years.

Now working as a Slot Machine Sales Specialist at Gaming Entertainment Touch Technology (G.E.T.T.) LLC, David has had his share of good memories, too. He chose to drop out for a year after completing high school, and though it was a risk, he believed it was worth it. When it comes to his proudest achievements, David considers his academic achievements in Literature as something he holds dear. And though his personality might not convey this, during his growing-up years, he was into theatre and also pursued it passionately. He was also a professional ballroom dancer from the ages 8 to 10. It was his dancing abilities that had earned him a ballet scholarship as well.

David Jelinsky Matured Quite Early Owing to Unfavorable Circumstances

After completing his high school, David focused on gaming. He opted to go to Berkeley City College, hoping to transfer to UC Berkeley, but dropped out of college as he felt detached. This was one of the primary reasons why he was against gambling growing up, although his life did keep him around reading people and knowing their luck in and around the slot machines of Vegas. Despite his difficult childhood, where he had to parent himself, his brother, and their parents, David doesn’t hold any resentment against them.

David loves them and attributes several of his life experiences to them as well. Even though his parents continue to remain addicts, he believes they’re both really good people. His mother was full of life and had been the first to introduce him to music after taking him to concerts since the age of five. She was also responsible for him landing his job as a slot machine salesman, as she is friends with his boss. All the varied experiences that David had in his life shaped him as a person and prepared him for all the challenges that not just the game but also life might throw his way.

David Jelinsky is Likely Single and Focusing on Himself

While David Jelinsky has shared quite a bit about his family and his struggles in life, when it comes to matters of the heart, he prefers maintaining a stoic silence. It seems like he enjoys keeping himself busy with many hobbies, such as basketball and bowling, playing trivia and puzzles, card games, and magic. He also fancies himself as a pyrokinetic. Neither does his social media activity indicate a special someone, nor has he specifically mentioned having such a person in his life.

David’s social media profile does suggest that David has a very close bond with his cousins and shares occasional pictures with them. However, since he isn’t very active on either of his social media profiles, it also might suggest that beyond what he’s shared on the show, he is a reserved person. Thus, it can be assumed that David doesn’t have anyone special in his life, or even if he does, he would prefer to keep the information to himself.

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