Suzanne Reta: Everything We Know

Fans of ‘Naked and Afraid XL’ will already know the concept of the show. Returning veterans attempt to complete a 40-days challenge in the world’s most untamed lands. However, the sixth installment of the series raises the stakes even higher. The contestants need to survive in The Valley of the Banished. Among the 12 participants featured in this season, we have a strong-willed woman named Suzanne Reta, formerly Suzanne Taylor. So, who is she and what is her background? Let’s find out.

Suzanne Reta: Where is She From?

Suzanne is originally from Virginia. A mother to four boys, she grew up in a dysfunctional family in the backwoods of Ashwood. In fact, her childhood prepared her to be so strong. Suzanne’s mother had a strong influence on her life — but in a negative manner. However, Suzanne, as a mum, is completely different. Her kids are her life. In her own words: “Being a mother absolutely helped me on my journey to who I am today. It is who I am today, and I need to keep myself strong and help my children understand how to be strong and how to take care of themselves.”

Here is another picture of her enjoying breakfast with her children: “I’ve rarely fantasized about food – much less a very specific table of food! But – ohhh!! wow!! the satisfaction of making this breakfast-food-fantasy into a reality was worth the wait!”

Suzanne Reta: Profession

Suzanne did her schooling in Missouri high school but later dropped out at the age of 16. She then obtained her GED and pursued her higher education. She got her Ph.D. in Occupational Therapy from Virginia Commonwealth University. Currently, she is employed as a professional health expert. She is also a tv personality and motivational speaker.

Suzanne is an extreme fitness addict. A look at her Insta handle and it is packed with posts of her participating in multiple athletic activities. You can see one of her images below: She captions it as follows: “My son Griff and I finished @spartan Sprint today! Now we’re merely 13 miles and 30 obstacles away from earning our #spartantrifecta2019 – Headed to WV in a few weeks to tackle the #spartanbeast – knowing this weekend’s course elevation of 1500 feet was nothing compared to the 4500 foot elevation changes we’ll see in WV ?.”

Suzanne Reta: Naked And Afraid Journey

Suzanne featured in the ninth season of ‘Naked and Afraid’. She was encouraged to join the show by her boys. Following an extensive interview process, she was featured in the 10th episode, alongside Anthony Coppage, where they were dropped off on the banks of the Soninho River of Brazil — amidst ravenous jaguars, stinging wasps and scorching heat. You can check out one of her clips from the show below:

Suzanne prepared for the challenge by mostly building muscles and her strength. But her surviving instincts are a result of her childhood experiences. Unsurprisingly, she was successful in her ordeal and it is no surprise that she makes a comeback in XL as well.

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