Tammy Fritz: Where is James Bowden’s Attempted Killer Now?

In December 2002, after James “Bo” Bowden had recently left the Army and was searching for a stable place to live, his friend’s wife, Tammy Fritz, offered him accommodation. Although everything seemed normal at first, James frequently experienced incidents where he felt disoriented and confused. On one occasion, his room caught fire, and on another, he was severely beaten while intoxicated. Netflix’s ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ episode ‘Burning the House Down’ chronicles these events, revealing how the police determined that Tammy had been planning to kill James. The episode also delves into her motivations and the details of her other alleged deceptions.

Tammy Fritz Welcomed Her Husband’s Friend to Her Home

Tammy Fritz met Richard Fritz Jr. in 1994, and after a brief courtship, they decided to marry. Many family members were apprehensive about the quick marriage, but it seemed fine as long as the couple was happy and things went smoothly for them. They welcomed a son, Christian Fritz, who became the apple of their eyes. With Richard deployed in the Army, the couple made Colorado Springs, Colorado, their home.

In the late 1990s, the relationship between Tammy and Richard began to deteriorate. They had frequent disagreements, and Richard’s family accused Tammy of being too demanding despite Richard meeting all her needs. The couple had been contemplating divorce, but on June 18, 2001, Richard unexpectedly passed away from a sudden case of strep throat. His death was quite inexplicable. Shortly after, Tammy started liquidating his assets and using his insurance money to support herself and their son. When she learned that Richard’s friend from the Army, James “Bo” Bowden, was looking for a place to stay, she decided it would suit him to move in with her and Christian as their roommate.

For James, it seemed like an ideal situation. Having been through a lot, he moved in on December 23, 2002. He became good friends with Tammy and a brotherly figure to Christian. James often went out with Tammy and her friends, and it appeared to be an opportunity to get back on his feet. However, in August 2004, after a night of drinking at home with her, he felt particularly ill after just one drink and had to be taken to the hospital. At the time, he didn’t suspect anything unusual and dismissed it as a one-off incident. However, his perspective changed after a subsequent incident in 2005.

Tammy Fritz Reportedly Set Fire to James Bowden’s Room

On June 30, 2005, James went out drinking with Tammy and her friends, but when he returned home, he immediately passed out. He woke up to the smell of fire and saw a lot of smoke in his room. He quickly ran out, and thankfully, was saved. This incident prompted him to leave the house and regain his composure. Although he stayed in touch with Tammy, their interactions were minimal. Meanwhile, she developed a dependency on hard drugs. She began associating with two individuals, Sean Lagoe and Michelle Heaston, and often left Christian alone to fend for himself.

James Bowden

By 2009, James decided to return to Alaska, feeling that his drinking had spiraled out of control. He went out with Tammy on August 3, 2009, to bid farewell. He returned home, but when Christian came to say goodbye the next morning, James didn’t open the door. When the young boy entered the room, he found James severely beaten, and James was immediately taken to the hospital. Initially, doctors believed that he had fallen while intoxicated. However, a closer examination of his wounds revealed that someone had attempted to harm him fatally.

By this time, the police were already investigating Tammy for financial fraud and writing bad checks through her work. They discovered that she had taken out a life insurance policy in James’ name and had been paying the premium since he moved into her house. Tammy had used the documents he kept in her safe to make herself the sole beneficiary. It became apparent that she had a larger, more sinister plan in motion. The police suspected that she was the one who lit fire to his room, and the rest of her family alleged she may have been involved in Richard’s death, too.

Tammy Fritz is in a Colorado State Prison Today

In May 2014, Tammy Fritz was indicted on charges of attempting to kill James Bowden. She denied all the charges and maintained her innocence, but the overwhelming evidence presented by the state turned the case against her. She was convicted of two counts of attempted first-degree murder, two counts of solicitation of first-degree murder, and one count of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

Tammy’s friends Sean Lagoe and Michelle Heaston were also charged because Tammy had hired them to beat James on the night in August 2009. She was sentenced to 48 years in prison, and as of today, she is 58 years old. She is currently housed at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility, with an estimated parole hearing scheduled for August 2034. She has maintained contact with her son, Christian, who calls her occasionally, but repairing their relationship will take a long time.

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