Tammy Myers: How Did She Die? Who Killed Her?

Image Credit: The US Sun

Tammy Myers underwent significant life changes, including a divorce from her husband, Ryan Myers, and relocating with her three children – a daughter and two sons. She entered a relationship with William Greer, a man with two children of his own, and they began living together in Houston, Texas, offering Tammy the promise of a stable future. December 19, 2008, was the last day anyone saw Tammy. CBS’ ’48 Hours’ episode ‘The Day My Mother Vanished’ explores the evidence collected by the police, suggesting foul play, potentially even murder, and the extensive search for her perpetrator that spanned years.

Tammy Myers Disappeared From Her Home in 2008

Tammy Marie Esquivel, born on January 14, 1978, went on to build a fulfilling life for herself. She tied the knot with Ryan Myers, a man who cherished and respected her deeply, and together, they welcomed three children: a daughter named Nicki Myers Bates and two younger sons. While Tammy supported her family through her work as an exotic dancer, she remained a devoted mother, striving to provide for her children in every possible way. Following the breakdown of her marriage with Ryan, Tammy encountered William Greer during her employment.

It was a whirlwind romance, and after separating from Ryan, Tammy moved in with Greer in a house in Houston, Texas, along with her three children. Greer, who had two sons of his own, offered the promise of stability in Tammy’s life. However, her daughter has alleged witnessing signs of domestic abuse, although none of it was ever reported. On the other hand, Ryan claims that Tammy was planning to leave Greer and reconcile with him, as their love still lingered. But before any plans could materialize, Tammy vanished on December 19, 2008.

When Tammy’s children reported her missing to the police, they launched an immediate search. However, with no clues or evidence to follow, authorities concluded that she had likely met with harm. Tammy, who was 29 years old at the time of her disappearance, remains unaccounted for. Her family continues to search for her remains to this day, holding onto hope that they will one day have the opportunity to bid her a proper goodbye.

Tammy Myers’ Killer Was on the Run for Many Years

On December 22, William Greer was apprehended by the police in a field in Cleveland, Texas. He was found naked and intoxicated, wandering. In his intoxicated state, he confessed to the police that he had been using drugs and had killed his girlfriend. However, his confession was not taken seriously by anyone at the station due to a lack of DNA evidence, a body, or any other evidence to press charges. Consequently, the following day, he was able to post bail and was released from prison.

In the course of their investigation, the police interviewed both Greer’s children and Tammy’s children. On December 30, 2008, Greer’s two sons, aged 13 and 9 at the time, disclosed that they had heard their father and Tammy arguing on the morning of December 19. They reported hearing a gunshot and a gurgling sound, followed by their father asking Tammy if she was alive. Subsequently, based on this statement, the police obtained a search warrant for the house.

At the house, the police discovered traces of blood, leading them to conclude that someone had either been seriously injured or killed on the premises. Additionally, they found a roll of plastic, leading them to theorize that Greer may have murdered Tammy and then wrapped her body in plastic before disposing of it. However, by this time, Greer had fled from the police. Despite his absence, law enforcement managed to track his movements after his release from jail.

After leaving Houston, Greer went to a relative’s house and confessed that he had made a mess of his life, intending to travel to Georgia to meet his brother. Upon reaching Georgia, he spent Christmas with his brother’s family and announced that he would be traveling to Canada. Meanwhile, Tammy’s family made every effort to locate Greer. In March 2007, Greer was formally indicted for murder. The case gained national attention when featured on ‘America’s Most Wanted,’ with Greer’s image broadcast nationwide. Nine-year-old Nicki Myers Bates, Tammy’s daughter, also made an emotional appeal on the show for Greer to be captured.

On November 22, 2017, authorities received a tip suggesting that Greer was sighted in Mexico. He was subsequently apprehended in Nacajuca, Tabasco, located in southern Mexico. Despite building a new life with a partner and two children, Mexican law enforcement managed to capture him. Initially denying his true identity, Greer was identified by a distinct feature—a missing toe on his right foot. Following his capture, he was extradited to Texas. Although initially charged with murder, Greer ultimately accepted a plea deal for second-degree manslaughter.

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