Is Teenage Newlyweds Scripted or Real?

Marriage is not a journey easily navigated by many, no matter their age or background. As such, watching three young couple start their own marital journey in Hulu’s ‘Teenage Newlyweds’ is certainly an experience to be remembered. The show focuses on the wedding itself and the life of the newlyweds afterward as they try to navigate their living situations and their blended families. While the show has been found relatable by many of the viewers due to its depiction of marital issues, there have been doubts raised about just how much of the show is real.

Teenage Newlyweds May Not Be Entirely Real

While there might not seem much amiss from ‘Teenage Newlyweds’ when watching the show, there have apparently been accusations made against the show regarding how particular cast members have been portrayed, which has made many people wonder about its legitimacy. While this might not be an indication that the whole show is scripted to fit a specific narrative, any lack of genuineness is often enough to shake the trust the public has in a show.

The incident actually surrounds Emma Jackson, who was one of the star cast members of season 1 of the reality show. In episode 4 of the first installment of the series, the reality TV star was heard expressing her thoughts against adoption. This did earn her some flak from the public, who could not believe that she was so vehemently against the concept. However, Emma stated in a now-deleted X (formerly Twitter) post that her actual thoughts do not align with her portrayal on the show.

“It was all fake; I’m all for adoption,” Emma’s post had read. “Kind of pisses me off, honestly, that they made me ‘against’ it… For the record: I am all for adoption, but reality TV shows change the wording to anything they want.” Given that the reality TV star has since deleted the comment, many have also doubted her rebuttal. Nevertheless, such a statement still made the viewers wonder if what they knew about their beloved cast members was even true.

That said, season 1’s Halie Alexander has also publicly expressed her own misgivings about inaccurate portrayals on the show, though in a much more amicable manner. “We hoped you like aaaaall the major drama,” she wrote. “Even though we were a little disappointed at times in the way things were misportrayed, we really are so grateful that we were given this opportunity! It really was an amazing experience, and it really taught us a lot about ourselves and each other. Thanks again to all of our fans!”

Halie seemingly went on to state on her blog that while she did not hold anything against the producers, some aspects of her and George Alexander’s story were modified and stretched. This means that among the six major cast members of season 1 of the show, at least two have openly talked about the show’s tendency towards not being entirely accurate, which has made many of the viewers skeptical of what to believe and what not to when it comes to ‘Teenage Newlyweds.’

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