Tehran Episode 7: What to Expect?

This week, ‘Tehran’ aired its 6th episode and the story sees the characters facing reality and gearing up for more risks ahead. Tamar is slowly getting frustrated with the ongoing chain of lies and deceptions. What happens is, Tamar and Milad resume their plan in Tehran. While Milad thinks that their actions are a part of showcasing their disapproval with the authorities, Tamar has a hidden, more sinister motive. Milad’s friend, however, does not trust Tamar and decides to dig more into her story about who Zhila really is. Tamar and Milad later contact the person who would help them in infiltrating the electric company. When the Mossad does not agree to return his wife to Faraz, the latter decides to take a drastic route.

Milad eventually realizes that Tamar had been deceiving him all this while. His friend thinks that Tamar is an agent, sent by the Revolutionary Guard. But then, after the arrival of Yael, Milad’s friend dies. But to add to Tamar’s complications, Faraz tracks down her father. He holds him captive and decides to use him to get back his wife — who is still with the Mossad. If this plan does not work out, Faraz aims to lure Tamar into the open by using her father as bait. Well, with such an explosive conclusion, the upcoming episode is definitely going to bring in more twists. And if you wish to dive further into its details, here is our preview of ‘Tehran’ season 1 episode 7.

Tehran Episode 7 Release Date

‘Tehran’ Episode 7 is set to release on Friday, October 23, 2020, on Apple TV Plus at 12 am PT.

Where to Watch Tehran Episode 7 Online?

You can stream ‘Tehran’ exclusively on Apple TV Plus. If you haven’t signed up for the membership, you can also watch the show on the seven-day trial that the streaming service provides to its new customers.

Tehran Episode 7 Spoilers

The 7th episode of ‘Tehran’ sees Tamar receiving Yael in Tehran. The two then team up to formulate a detailed plan, which must unfold within that very night. However, they face a major obstacle when Parham announces that he has no intention of being a part of the plan. But Tamar talks to Milad and is able to persuade him to convince Parham into accompanying them in their mission. On the other hand, Faraz uses Tamar’s father to reclaim his wife. Faraz’s wife has a discussion with Gorev where she says that if her husband does not surrender, the results can be serious.

The penultimate episode builds upon the tension that sets up the stage for an explosive season finale. In this episode, we see the characters reaching their breaking points — emotionally. Will they be able to move forward, undeterred? Or will their emotions take a toll on them? What can be the repercussions of losing one’s focus in the midst of such a critical mission? Well, for more answers, tune in next week and watch the episode for yourself!

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