Tehran Episode 8: What to Expect?

This week, ‘Tehran’ aired its 7th episode, and the story is an interesting one. And this was expected. The 7th part serves as the penultimate episode from the show’s inaugural installment. ‘Tamar’s Father’ starts off with the tensions among the characters, reaching a boiling point. Moreover, the situation becomes more complicated when the protagonists also need to deal with their emotions.

We begin with Tamar who welcomes Yael into Tehran and the two start planning for the mission that is to be executed that very night. However, they face a roadblock when Parham thinks of backing out. But after Milad’s persuasion, he returns to the fold. On the other hand, Faraz, who is hell-bent on getting back his wife, uses Tamar’s father as bait. His wife, meanwhile explains to Gorev that things might get ugly if her husband doesn’t surrender. Ali dives deeper into the incident at the electric company, which could bring him face-to-face with Tamar.

The conclusion of episode 7 has multiple startling twists. Yael gets orders that he needs to take care of the Iranian. This means that he has been asked to put an end to Milad’s life. While Faraz struggles to free his wife, he faces a moral dilemma of his own. He tries to imitate the actions of the Mossad but finds out that he cannot cross his limits. Although Faraz is almost on the verge of killing Mordechai, he stops himself at the last moment.

Well, with such an explosive conclusion, the upcoming episode is definitely going to bring in more twists. The strain of the entire mission has started taking a toll on Tamar and she might explode, anytime now! And mind it. The next part happens to be the season 1 finale! So if you wish to dive further into its details, here is our preview of ‘Tehran’ season 1 episode 8.

Tehran Episode 8 Release Date

‘Tehran’ Episode 8 is set to release on Friday, October 30, 2020, on Apple TV Plus at 12 am PT.

Where to Watch Tehran Episode 8 Online?

You can stream ‘Tehran’ exclusively on Apple TV Plus. If you haven’t signed up for the membership, you can also watch the show on the seven-day trial that the streaming service provides to its new customers.

Tehran Episode 8 Spoilers

The 8th episode of ‘Tehran’ starts off by throwing the limelight on Tamar, who needs to take a final decision after her multiple trysts. She has one final chance to complete her mission. However, her last attempt turns out to be easier than expected — since she now has Milad by her side. Tamar discovers that Yael has no intention of leaving Milad alive. Tamar, therefore, thinks of a plan where she can set him free while still maintaining the facade that Milad is vital for the mission to succeed. On the other hand, when Ali starts doubting Mohammadi’s end goal, he decides to include Faraz in the loop. Faraz, eventually, meets up with Tamar but things do not go the way he had hoped.

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