The Baker (2022): Is the Movie Based on Reality or Fiction?

Directed by Jonathan Sobol, ‘The Baker’ is the engaging story of Donald Gilroy, an aged gentleman and the owner of Pappi’s Bake Shop. He lives a life of solitary confinement, away from everyone around him. When his estranged son, Peter, comes back into his life, Donald’s world is suddenly turned upside down. As he learns of Delphi, a granddaughter he never knew he had, he’s left to deal with another unexpected blow. After his son vanishes under mysterious circumstances under the garb of a questionable business opportunity, Donald is left to do all it takes to find him while also keeping his young granddaughter protected from the notorious hitmen sent by the mob to find and take her down.

As luck brings him face-to-face with Merchant, a ruthless gangster, and his arch-nemesis, Donald will have to find answers to some longstanding doubts. Starring Ron Perlman in the titular role, the film boasts of a very promising stellar cast that includes Harvey Keitel, Elias Koteas, and Emma Ho in pivotal roles. The 2022 film manages to trace the lengths one is willing to go through, even if it means encountering past demons when there is family involved. With the movie dealing with themes of reality, backed by brilliant performances and narratives, fans of it can’t help but wonder whether ‘The Baker’ is a true story or not.

The Baker is a Thoughtful Take on Fiction

No, ‘The Baker’ is not based on a true story; it is the competent writing of Paolo Mancini and Thomas Michael, that makes it seem so realistic. While there have been vigilante films like ‘The Professional’ and ‘The Mandalorian,’ with many having opted for the troop of notorious men threatening the loved one of an old man, leading him to turn into an unexpected savior, and have dealt with action sequences entwined within moments of connect and emotion, it is the rawness and unpretentious storytelling that sets ‘The Baker’ apart from the rest.

Sobol’s genius of combining the two different storylines through an uncanny sense of distress and danger, even as the narrative moves along, ensures there’s a perfect balance of artistic freedom. On one hand, there is an estranged family who bonds in due time through a shared sense of loss and uncertainty. On the other hand, a father looks for his missing son in what seems to be a potential murder plot. As the story further deepens, one is compelled to question the past Donald has been so deftly hiding and why. Along with this, it is the handling of delicate themes of family, blood ties, drugs, and a pursuit for justice that leaves one content with the story on offer.

Viewers get to experience and witness a constant action that the baker and his granddaughter find themselves in. The unforeseen situations eventually lead to an unexpected yet endearing relationship, which is what leaves audiences both thrilled and engaged. Throughout the film, we get glimpses into Donald’s past and realize that there’s more to the glum and reserved baker than initially meets the eye. We also learn about Delphi’s traumatic childhood and an accident, being a witness to, which has left her non-verbal.

Sobol ensures that the direction of Paolo Mancini and Thomas Michael’s narrative leaves everyone content with what they’ve seen. In her debut role, Emmah Oh, who plays Delphi, does a commendable job in essaying the role of an irksome yet innocent youngster. Perlman’s seamless ability to slide into his role with conviction further adds to the film’s overall essence. Talking about the role and the film, he said, “This film is very special to me. It pits a cold, dark, explosively violent world, filled with unspeakable histories, against the gravitational forces of long-forgotten loved ones, making its reluctant hero do anything to protect the innocent. Anything!” Even though this also has inadvertently led to doubts on whether the film’s basis is rooted in reality or fiction, ‘The Baker,’ is simply a good piece of cinematic work.

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