The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 12: What to Expect?

‘The Blacklist’ season 8 only gets more interesting with every episode. The Task Force is almost on the verge of busting Red, whose real intentions are unknown to even the audiences. Nevertheless, they seem to be inching closer towards catching Townsend. If you are eager to read more about the recap for season 8 episode 11, you can head to the bottom. In case you’ve watched the episode, you can take a look at the details for ‘The Blacklist’ season 8 episode 12.

The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 12 Release Date

‘The Blacklist’ season 8 episode 12 will release on April 2, 2021, at 8 PM ET on NBC. Every episode has a runtime of 40-45 minutes each.

Where to Watch The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 12 Online?

Fans of ‘The Blacklist’ can watch season 8 episode 12 on NBC as and when it airs at the timeslot mentioned above. In case you miss it, you can simply stream it on NBC’s official website and also on the NBC app. If you have cut the cord, you can watch the show on live TV and VOD platforms such as DirecTV, Fubo TVYouTube TVSling TVPeacockAmazon Prime Video, and iTunes. Netflix users can watch the first seven seasons on the streaming platform in case they want to catch up or re-watch previous episodes.

The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 12 Spoilers

The upcoming season 8 episode 12 of ‘The Blacklist’ is called ‘Rakitin,’ where the Task Force will be hell-bent on identifying a Russian asset in the U.S. government. This will put Cooper and Reddington in increasingly treacherous positions. Red has no way out of this. The only thing that might save him is getting Harold back. With both blame and burden bogging him down, it will be difficult for Red to achieve his goal without coming clean in front of the Task Force. That is exactly what fans want to know as well. Here’s a teaser for the upcoming episode!

The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 11 Recap

‘The Blacklist’ season 8 episode 11 is titled ‘Rakitin.’ As the name suggests, the episode is about the team moving one step closer to finding Rakitin and dealing with a case involving a child overdosing on Fentanyl. Red then connects the case with Captain Kidd, a man who takes care of the logistics involved in drug dealing. He also comes to the conclusion that he might have hidden Safiya Maroun, a target of Neville Townsend. Aram dives into the world of cybercrime to find leads on Captain Kidd. Through evidence observed at a drug drop-off location, they catch hold of him. But he refuses to divulge any details about Safiya. Meanwhile, Park has her suspicions about a man who is about to meet Red, but then he spots her and leaves without meeting him.

Red finally meets the mysterious person named Andrew and reassures him that everything is fine in Moscow. But Cooper confronts Red about the whole matter, which ends in Red defending himself. They then decide to find Keen through Captain Kidd, as they both are associated with Townsend. Captain Kidd discloses Safiya’s whereabouts. At the kidnapping site, one of the abductors is just about to lean in towards her when she jolts up and attacks. The Task Force suddenly hears gunshots which helps them locate her. Ressler is headed towards the safehouse where Kidd is being held, but Townsend gets there first. Two agents drop dead, and Kidd ends up fleeing. In Moscow, Harold Cooper is about to be executed.

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