The Boys Season 3 Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained

Since its beginning, ‘The Boys’ has continually succeeded in keeping its audience on their toes. You never know what to expect from it, which is what makes it so exhilarating to watch. With its third season, the show yet again proves that there is nothing weirder, bloodier, and more diabolical out there. Its first episode lays the groundwork for another promising season. And the ending shows that there are a lot more tricks where those twists are coming from.

The Boys Season 3 “Payback” Recap

It’s been a year since the showdown between the Boys and the Supes, and things seem to be going rather well for everyone. Hughie has found himself in the good books of Victoria Neuman and is working very closely with her to bring about justice, with lesser chaos and bloodshed. Despite his urge to kill every Supe at sight, Butcher has learned to tone down the violence and is trying to do things the right way. He has also developed a close relationship with Ryan, who is living under the care of Mallory.

For Homelander, things are getting unbearable with every minute. Due to his association with Stormfront, who turned out to be a Nazi, his ratings are continuously falling. Starlight, on the other hand, is on the rise. Stan Edgar recognizes her potential in building back the image of Vought. He offers her to become the co-captain of The Seven, giving her free rein in choosing the next member of the team. It further infuriates Homelander, and he becomes increasingly unstable. His only supporter, at the moment, is Stormfront, who is in the hospital, recuperating from the severe injuries inflicted on her by Ryan.

Maeve knows that Homelander needs to be taken out before he gets out of hand. It turns out that she has been doing her research. She discovers that America’s previous Supe sweetheart, Soldier Boy, was killed by some kind of weapon. If one gets their hands on such a thing, it could be possible to kill Homelander with it. She shares this info with Butcher, with whom she has been collaborating for a while now. Along with this, she offers him something else that can help him fight other Supes.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 1 Ending

In the previous season, it was revealed that Vought had been experimenting with Compound V to develop its more stable form. It turns out that they had been working on what they call V-24. This is a variation of Compound V that allows someone to become a Supe for 24 hours. Because it is a temporary situation, it doesn’t put unlimited power in a person’s hand, making it more suited for military use. Maeve gives a couple of its vials to Butcher, hoping that it might help him in what’s coming next.

With the way things are going, Butcher will surely need a dose or two of V-24. To discover the whereabouts of the weapon that (allegedly) killed Soldier Boy, Butcher will have to get in touch with the members of his team, Payback. Maeve warns him that they might be a ridiculous bunch, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. While initially, Butcher doesn’t seem too inclined to the idea, he starts to consider the possibility when he receives an impromptu visit from Homelander. The Supe has a little chat with him about how Vought is trying to control and suppress both of them, when the only thing they want is a chance to get at each other’s throats and end each other once and for all.

Meanwhile, Victoria Neuman’s truth comes to light when a blast from the past visits her. It begins at the premiere of ‘The Dawn of the Seven’, where someone calls her Nadia. Hughie notices this, and it only piques his curiosity when a guy named Tony shows up at FBSA (Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs). He says that he knows “Nadia”, that they were best friends. Hughie thinks Tony is confused and sends him on his way. However, later that evening, Tony tries to catch Victoria’s attention, calling her Nadia. Hughie follows them to an alley, where he witnesses their confrontation while hiding behind a dumpster.

It turns out Tony wasn’t confused, after all. Victoria’s real name is Nadia, and she and Tony were in a place called Red River. Victoria doesn’t want anyone to find out about her past life, so she tries to kill Tony. But Tony has powers too. This leads to a tussle between them, which ends with Tony being blown to bits and pieces. Hughie sees all of it while managing to stay hidden.

It is clear to Hughie now that Vought has been controlling FBSA all along. This also explains why the Supes that had been apprehended for serious crimes found one way or another to walk free. He thought he was finally doing things the right way, which is what he wanted from the beginning. But facing this huge disappointment, he has no other option but to go back to the Butcher way.

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