The Chi: Is Fatima Trans in Real Life? Is Luke James Gay in Real Life?

Introduced in season 5, Fatima (L’lerrét Jazelle) is an important supporting character in Showtime’s crime dramaThe Chi.’ She is a local journalist who is not afraid to ask politicians hard-hitting questions to get to the bottom of the matter. Despite being aware of the issues that might come his way for dating a journalist, Victor, while running for the city councilman’s office, is drawn toward her. Fatima reveals that she is a transwoman, prompting Victor to reply that he likes women, and Fatima is a woman, so there is no issue here.

Early in their relationship, Fatima makes it clear that she will not be Victor’s secret. But as the story progresses, circumstances make her just that. Faced with the choice between Fatima and his political career, Victor chooses the former. In season 6, he wins the election with a narrow margin, and by then, Fatima has become an important part of the narrative. If you are wondering whether L’lerrét Jazelle, the actress who portrays Fatima, is a transwoman in real life, we got you covered.

Is Fatima Trans in Real Life?

Yes, L’lerrét Jazelle is a transwoman. L’lerrét Jazelle Ailith is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. She attended college in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she studied Chemistry and women’s studies. Jazelle is the co-founder of the New Orleans chapter of the Trans Women of Color Collective. As an actress, she has appeared in projects such as ’4400,’ ‘9-1-1,’ ‘NCIS: Los Angeles.’ In an interview with Bet, Jazelle reflected on her character. “Fatima definitely pushed me,” she stated. “We get to demand authenticity from the people who want to enter your body.”

Jazelle came out as trans in college and has much a considerable time informing others on intersectionality between trans rights, LGBTQ rights, feminist studies, Black identity politics. Speaking on Victor’s feelings toward Fatima, she said, “If you look deeper into the psyche of men are attracted to trans women. A lot of them, especially those who don’t want to be open about it, will do mental gymnastics to convince themselves that they are not gay, in spite of her being trans means she is a woman.”

Is Luke James Gay?

Luke James is the actor, singer, and songwriter who portrays Victor “Trig” Taylor in the series. Victor is idealistic and dedicated to the betterment of his community. Before meeting Fatima, Victor previously grew close to Imani, who is also a transwoman. With her help, Victor gains full custody of his younger brother Jake.

The character’s dating history seems to lead many to wonder about the sexuality of Luke James. However, despite his growing popularity, James has his personal life private, so not much is known about it. In an interaction with series creator Lena Waithe for Interview magazine, James spoke out about how different the character initially was from him. “Well first, I asked god and the universe that my next endeavor be something different and something far outside of my comfort zone to help me better myself as an artist. Then, this opportunity came along. I read the script and I knew what it was asking, and I knew you. I was also a fan of the show. I was like, ‘Okay, I’m down for this. I feel like I can bring something to this guy and this guy can do something for me,”

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, James has appeared in films like ‘Rift,’ ‘Black Nativity, and ‘Little’ and TV shows like ‘The News Edition Story’ and ’Star.’ “Luke James needs to evolve at the same time as Trig, and I need to be making sure that as you evolve, so does the character,” Waithe observed. So, talk to me about ‘Thoughts of a Colored Man.’ Stage work, they say, is not for everybody. I’m a big fan of theater and I’m going to come see you. Talk to me about what it has been like for you to go to the stage in this way and to become a part of this community.”

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