The Dreaming Boy is a Realist Episode 4 Recap: Dark Brown? That Kind of Has a Cool Ring to It

In ‘The Dreaming Boy is a Realist’ episode 4 titled ‘Dark Brown? That Kind of Has a Cool Ring to It,’ Aika worries about Wataru’s absence and shares her feelings with Kei. Since Sajou has been chasing her until now, Kei tells her that it is now her turn. Wataru meet the moral committee during lunch and is thanked by Shinomiya for making a positive impace on Inatomi’s life. But when the mid-term exam results are finally announced, Wataru is shocked by his poor performance.

Shinomiya Thanks Wataru for Helping Anatomy

Although Aika likes to pretend sometimes that she does not really care for Wataru, her true feelings appear to spill out quite often. She discusses Wataru’s changed behavior and his aloofness with Kei. For a quite long time, Sajou has been chasing her relentlessly- despite being rejected multiple times. Kei feels that this is now Aika’s turn to make an effort to ensure that things do work out between the two of them.

During lunch, Wataru finds some deserted seats on the school campus and decides to eat there as he prefers to be left alone. But he does not realize that the morals committee team will soon be joining him at the next table. That’s when Sajou meets Aya, Inatomi’s friend who struggles to trust men as she feels that all of them are perverted and have their eyes on women for the wrong reasons. Interestingly, Shinomiya has noticed that Inatomi has changed a lot thanks to the help given by Sajou, so she thanks him for it.

Later that day, Sajou learns that his classmate Taakaki has a crush on Aika. Since he wants her to get a good guy, he feels that he should just stay away from the whole issue and not say anything. When he sees Aika going back home with others, he just lingers on the campus a little longer. Interestingly, she returns for something, and the two meet. That’s when the two end up having a conversation and she asks him to eat lunch with everyone as he often disappears.

What Motivates Sajou to Do Better In Exams?

When the results of the mid-term examinations are finally announced, Sajou learns that he has earned a ranking of 65. Although it’s not too bad, for someone like him who was at the 34th rank in just the last semester, it is a worrying development. Sajou feels that this time he was not really motivated enough to do good. He thinks that when children are young, they are encouraged by their young and active bodies to run around all day. In middle school, the same people try to embody mysterious fantasies that they come across in the stories they read or hear about.

This changes radically in puberty as they suddenly awaken to fleeting feelings and emotions. They get to channel their passions into their own driving force. Interestingly, Sajou feels that he went through that phase in the last semester, and being in love actually brought out the best in him. But things changed eventually as he started distancing himself from Aika. Just when he is thinking about this, he is approached by Kei, who reveals that she has improved her ranking a lot. In the last semester she was at 220th rank but not she managed to get the 75th rank.

Later when Sajou goes to check the ranking board, he is quite impressed to find Aika second on the list. Just a few months ago, there was just a minor difference between the two of them but now things have changed radically. He then meets Sasaki who reveals that he managed to get the 29th rank. Sajou feels jealous since Sasaki is a good-looking guy who excels in soccer. So his performance in exams makes Sajou really envious. Just a few hours earlier, he was contemplating the unavailability of a motivation and now he felt like he had finally found a reason to give his best in the next exams. Sajou now wants to surpass Sasaki and do better.

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