The First Omen: What Does The Mark in Carlita’s Mouth Mean?

In the supernatural horror film, ‘The First Omen,’ a church novitiate, Margaret Daino, uncovers an occult conspiracy involving satanic rituals focused on bringing about the birth of the Antichrist. As Margaret befriends Carlita, a friendless orphan at the orphanage she is stationed at in Rome, dark and sinister elements are brought to the fore. After being informed by Father Brennan, a father investigating the conspiracy, and Paolo, a man she meets during a night out at a club, Margaret learns to look for a particular mark of 666 on Carlita’s body. Later, as she promises the mistreated orphan to protect her from those looking to harm her, Margaret sees the above mark glistening on the palate of Carlita’s mouth. The cryptic and eerie three sixes form an essential part of the lore in ‘The First Omen,’ and their origins and mythology are worth exploring for a deeper appreciation of the dread present within the film. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Carlita Bears the Mark of the Devil

As explained by Father Brennan, the mark 666 is a symbol of the Devil. Carlita was born on the sixth day of June at 6 am, and because of her father, who the film reveals to be a monstrous, jackal-like beast akin to Satan himself, she bears those numbers on her body. Her birth date and time are another reminder of where the mark derives its numbering from. The young girl is constantly plagued by dark visions and is tormented by her orphanage caretakers because of her unique parentage. They have plans to use her for a particular purpose involving demonic rituals of consummation and birth. It is a sinister conspiracy born from the dark church’s plans for salvation in a world that is becoming secular.

However, the 666 number also holds specific meaning within religious Christian texts. In the Book of Revelation, the number is associated with the Beast, a name referring to one of three beasts within the Book. Consequently, 666 is called the number of the Beast. The first of the three beasts is considered as a false Christ, with the second working as a false prophet. The latter gains control over others through belief and forces everyone on Earth to follow the first Beast’s authority. There are connections between the false prophet and the idea of the Antichrist perpetuated in the film. Thus, through the biblical number, Carlita’s characters and others like her reflect their connections to similar ideas.

In the first film within the franchise, ‘The Omen,’ the number 666 appears through Damien, the adopted son of the political ambassador, Robert Thorn. After Robert is told by an expert in the study of Antichrist symbology that if Damien were the Antichrist, he would bear the mark on his body as a sign of his non-human heritage, he proceeds to uncover such a birthmark on his adopted son’s skin. With Carlita’s birth shrouded in mystery due to her being conceived as a part of the Antichrist plan, she, like all the offspring of the Devil, bears those marks on her skin. Ultimately, this is all a ploy to bring about the birth of the Antichrist, or Damien, as he’s later known within the franchise.

How does the Mark Connect to the Narrative?

The movie connects the 666 mark branded on the skin of Carlita and Margaret by uncovering the malevolent plans held by the church to bring the Antichrist into existence. Both Carlita and Margaret bear the numerical birthmarks on their body, and as such, it makes them one of many Sciannas that Lawrence and his followers have birthed through satanic rituals. To birth the Antichrist, Margaret or Carlita must be impregnated by the Beast, and the male child born from that act would be claimed as the Antichrist. Because Carlita is too young for such an act, the Church and Cardinal Lawrence have Margaret travel to Rome, where she is drugged into the ritual.

As an integral part of ‘The Omen’ franchise, the 666 mark has come to represent the Antichrist. Although religious formation associates it with the Beasts appearing in the Book of Revelations, urban mythologies have linked it with the Antichrist figure. All those who bear the mark within the film are either the direct descendants or connected to the mysterious Devil, who hides in cloak and shadows within ‘The First Omen.’ Perhaps because of his horrifying physical form, which is hinted at within the films, it is best for the characters to keep him shrouded in darkness and observe him through the terrifying mark he leaves on his offspring.

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