The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 6: Where Are The Potters Now?

Hosted by the comedian Ellie Taylor, the British television series ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’ is a show that beckons forth a cadre of skilled contestants, each poised to embark on a mesmerizing journey through the intricate world of pottery. With her infectious energy, Ellie orchestrates a riveting competition that unveils the contestants’ prowess in pottery making, challenging them with an array of tasks that traverse the entire spectrum of pottery styles. Yet, the heart of the show pulsates not just within the clay-laden confines of the studio but also in the rich tapestry of personalities that make up its cast of gifted potters.

Season 6 of the competition was no different. As the kilns blazed and the pottery wheels spun, viewers found themselves not only captivated by the competition but deeply immersed in the unique journeys and tales of these artistic individuals. But what happened to these clay-wielding maestros after the final round? For those curious souls yearning for a glimpse into the post-competition escapades of their favorite potters, the journey continues. Here’s what the contestants are up to nowadays.

Loïs Gunn Got Featured on Ramsgate Recorder

Loïs Gunn is a skilled artist, jeweler, and ceramicist who carved her niche in the vibrant landscape of creativity and won season 6 with her talent and unmatchable skills. A resident of Ramsgate, her studio is the birthplace of masterpieces that bear witness to her unwavering passion for ancient inspirations translated into contemporary artistry. With a digital footprint that extends to her own website, Loïs opens a portal for enthusiasts to explore the fusion of her creativity. The Margate Ceramics Market served as a canvas for her exhibition, a testament to her commitment to sharing her art with the community.

Notably, her artistic endeavors reached new heights with a feature on the cover page of the Ramsgate Recorder, catapulting her work into the spotlight. Loïs doesn’t just create; she auctions her art with events like Fired Up 4 Auction and showcases her pieces at prestigious venues like Art in Clay Farnham. Her studio is not just a workspace; it’s a crucible of innovation where each piece is forged with dedication and a touch of ancient allure.

James Stead Uses his Art to Help Local Schools and Charities

James Stead, a finalist of the show, is also an art teacher whose artistic prowess transcends the bounds of the studio. With an awe-inspiring performance that captivated audiences, James proves that being an art teacher is just the beginning of his creative journey. Beyond the classroom, James extends his artistic influence through workshops, sharing the magic of ceramics. Whether flying solo in exhibitions or collaborating with fellow creatives, James’s work stands as a testament to his ability to weave narratives through his art.

Yet, his impact reaches beyond the realm of artistry. In a touching display of generosity, James donated his first haircut in three years during a fundraiser. The proceeds went toward supporting a local school and the Little Princess Trust charity, showcasing his commitment to using his talents for a meaningful cause.

Jon Roynon is a Full Time-Potter Today

Jon Roynon, a structural engineer by profession but also the owner of Roynon Ceramics, transitioned from the world of calculations to the realm of clay, emerging as a semifinalist on the show. His remarkable journey took a turn towards full-time pottery, where his skills caught the eye of Celebrating Ceramics, earning him an invitation to showcase his exhibitions alongside other esteemed artists.

Beyond the studio, Jon’s art found a stage at the Pound Arts Artist Event, where his creations resonated with both patrons and fellow creatives. Not content with being confined to the pottery wheel, Jon delves into commissioned pieces, sculpting bespoke creations and crafting trophies that stand as testaments to his artistic versatility.

Caitlin Foulds Spreads Awareness About Breast Cancer by Crafting Boob Mugs

Caitlin Foulds, an original medical student hailing from Glasgow, took an intriguing detour into the world of pottery, co-founding Pots from Scot alongside her father, Adrian Foulds. In the delicate balance between clay and stethoscopes, Caitlin runs a website showcasing their creations, although part-time, due to her ongoing commitments. Despite her youth, her talent on the show stood shoulder to shoulder with the seasoned hands of those with years of experience in the craft.

What sets Caitlin apart from her peers in the pottery scene is her distinctive touch entering the world of boob vases and mugs. With a creative flair that embraces the unconventional, she infuses her pieces with a playful yet empowering spirit, addressing Breast cancer. Beyond the pottery wheel, Caitlin’s journey to season 6 unfolded in a unique manner. She shared insights and anecdotes about her ceramic adventure on BBC Radio Scotland’s This Morning Show, adding a personal touch to her artistic narrative.

Christophe Donot Got Featured on Clay Crafting Magazine

Christophe Donot, an architect, seamlessly translated his artistic vision from blueprints to clay in a journey that resonated far beyond the competition show, where he left an indelible mark. Though not clinching the top spot, Christophe emerged as a crowd favorite, captivating audiences with his craftsmanship. Post-show, his artistic odyssey continues to unfold through exhibitions, including prominent showcases with the London Potters and at Art in Clay Farnham. Christophe’s creative prowess caught the discerning eye of the annual Makers Award in 2023, where he claimed the title of 1st runner-up, a testament to the impact of his ceramic creations.

Magical hands shaping clay, Christophe’s work found its way into the pages of Clay Crafting magazine, solidifying his presence in the pottery community. His journey reached new heights as he earned the prestigious opportunity to exhibit at 1000 Vases during Paris Design Week 2023, a testament to the international acclaim his art commands.

Derek Harbinson is Setting Up a New Studio

Derek Harbinson, a wordsmith turned potter, embarked on a captivating journey that seamlessly blended his background as a trained journalist and magazine editor with the artistry of pottery. His stellar performance on the show spoke volumes, showcasing not only his knack for shaping clay but also his ability to narrate the stories behind the art.

In a fascinating twist, Derek launched a Substack, opening a digital gateway to share his musings on the world of pottery. Beyond the virtual realm, he brought his creations to life at the Margate Ceramics Market, standing shoulder to shoulder with his pottery throw family in a display of artistic camaraderie. As if his creative endeavors weren’t enough, Derek is immersed in the dual challenge of a hopeful house and studio move. This transition marks not just a change of physical space but a shift in the very essence of his creative environment.

Fabiola Ladino Collaborated with Pot Fest UK

Fabiola Ladino, a Colombian potter, left an indelible mark with a spectacular performance on the show. Post-show, her artistic journey took a prestigious turn as she graced the Hand Made Chelsea Design and Crafts Fair. Fabiola has carved a digital niche for herself, running the online platform Fab’s Ceramics, where enthusiasts can seamlessly connect with and acquire her unique creations.

Her work isn’t confined to the bustling streets of London; it has traveled to the serene grounds of Pot Fest in Melton Mowbray and the vibrant Celebrating Ceramics, showcasing the versatility of her artistic expression. Adding another layer to her portfolio, Fabiola collaborated with Pot Fest UK, leaving an imprint on the thriving pottery community. Fabiola Ladino’s journey unfolds as proof of the universal language of pottery, spoken fluently by an artist whose talent knows no bounds.

Fliss Rowbotham Crafted Jewelry for Prestigious Jewelry Businesses

Fliss Rowbotham, known in artistic circles as Felicity Rowbotham, is a dynamic force seamlessly blending pottery, fashion, and painting into a captivating narrative. She is also a graduate of the Gildford School of Acting. Her artistic journey is not confined to the studio; Fliss’s philanthropic spirit shines through a charity exhibition for the Marmalade Project, participating in Celebrating Ceramics, and many more. Adding another facet to her creative repertoire, Fliss takes pleasure in crafting bespoke Jewelry busts for reputed names like The Official Selfridges and The Diamond Lab, showcasing her ability to seamlessly merge pottery and fashion.

Collaborative projects with fellow artists catapult her work to new heights, pushing the boundaries of her artistic expression. But Fliss’s talents don’t stop at the potter’s wheel; she’s also an excellent painter, weaving wonders on canvas. In the hands of Fliss, art becomes a multidimensional experience where pottery, fashion, and painting converge, creating a visual symphony that resonates across platforms and artistic realms. Beyond the potter’s wheel, Fliss has become a fashionista sensation, gracing Instagram and TikTok with her aesthetic work.

George Lodge Divides his Time Between Lodge Pots and Lodge Honey

George Lodge, the potter and beekeeper extraordinaire, captured the hearts of fans with his impressive stint on the show. Apart from the pottery wheel, George is the proud owner of Lodge Honey, a family business steeped in the age-old tradition of beekeeping. Juggling the delicate artistry of pottery under the moniker Lodge Pots and the buzzing world of honey-making, George divides his time between these two passions with unwavering dedication. His commitment to both crafts is evident in his vibrant social media presence, where snapshots of his intricately crafted pots seamlessly intertwine with the activity of his beehives. George isn’t just a potter; he’s a steward of nature, cultivating artistry in clay and honey alike.

Helen Baxter is Working with Platforms like Craft in Focus

Helen Baxter, a retired teacher in a delightful twist of fate, found her hobby in pottery. Her garage, initially a mundane space, metamorphosed into a vibrant studio. Although her appearance on the show was short but, she emerged with newfound confidence, igniting a journey of artistic growth. Now, her creations find a home on her website, where she not only sells but also proudly displays her evolving artwork. Helen’s foray into the world of exhibitions took her to esteemed platforms like Craft in Focus and the picturesque St. Paul and St. Paul Saltwood Open Garden. In her retirement, she’s not just embracing a new chapter but crafting it with the strokes of creativity that blossom within her studio sanctuary.

Rebecca Norris Now Runs her Studio, Rebecca Norris Designs

Rebecca Norris, once a dedicated special educational teacher, now a part time potter, stepped into the pottery spotlight only after the show. Transitioning seamlessly from education to artisanry, she now conducts workshops in her own sanctuary of inspiration, aptly named Rebecca Norris Designs. Here, in the embrace of clay, she not only sculpts her visions but also imparts her skills through engaging workshops.

The artistic journey doesn’t stop within the walls of her studio. It extends into the digital realm with a website bearing the same name. On this virtual canvas, Rebecca showcases her evolving artwork, inviting viewers to join her in the vibrant dance of creativity. Following in the footsteps of her fellow contestants, she graced the Margate Ceramic Market with an exhibition, becoming a part of the dynamic pottery community post-show.

Vithu Karunakaran is Imparting His Knowledge Through Workshops

Vithu Karunakaran, the Tamilian potter, once a bartender at Manchester, whose initial departure from the show did nothing to diminish the impact of his screen presence, has embarked on a journey that transcends the confines of the competition. Vithu has etched his mark in the pottery world, now gracing exhibitions with the Ceramic Makers Market and the Contemporary Craft Fair at Hever Castle. A prodigy of the prestigious CSAD (Cardiff School of Art and Design), he’s not merely a potter but an artist in perpetual evolution.

Vithu’s dedication to his craft extends beyond the studio; he imparts his knowledge through workshops and volunteers at the Hatfields Art and Clay Festival, fostering a sense of community within the artistic sphere. His story, though starting with an elimination, is far from over. As he progresses post-show, it’s evident that Vithu is poised to go further ahead, showcasing the resilience and potential that defines a true artist on the rise.

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