Does the Dog Diva Die in The Killer?

In Netflix’s ‘The Killer,’ we meet an assassin who lives by a few rules to make his job easier. The unnamed killer goes on a killing spree after a botched job leads his employers to turn on him and hurt his loved ones. He discovers that two people were sent to his house to kill him, but instead of him, they found his girlfriend, whom they tortured for information. Much like the Killer, these assassins also remain unnamed, with one of them identified as the Brute. It’s pretty clear to the audience that the Killer needs to kill the Brute, but what about his dog, Diva? Does the Killer kill her, too? SPOILERS AHEAD

The Killer Shows His Humane Side by Sparing Diva

From his employer, Edward Hodges, the Killer gets the addresses of the two people— one man (called the Brute) and one woman (known as the Expert), who’d been to his house and hurt his girlfriend. The man lives in Florida, and when the Killer tracks him down, he discovers that the Brute has a dog named Diva.

The Killer knows that he will need to neutralize the dog if he wants to get to the Brute. He’ll need to be very careful because the dog is a pit bull, and if she manages to get a hold of the Killer, she will tear him to pieces. This is not a fate that the Killer wants for himself, so he takes a safe option. He is known to be efficiently fast about his work and believes that killing the Brute would be yet another quick job. If the dog is asleep during that time, no harm would be done.

The Killer throws the dog some food laced with the stuff to make her fall asleep and realizes that the dog might be bigger than he imagined and the sleeping pills might not be enough to keep her down for long. His fear comes true when killing the Brute takes more time than anticipated, and the dog wakes up just as shots are fired. The Killer manages to put a bullet in his target’s head, but the dog shows up, and the Killer runs for his life.

Seeing her owner dead angers the dog, and she runs after the Killer, smashing through the glass to get to him. She almost gets him, but the Killer slips away, throwing a Molotov cocktail at the house. The dog tries to cross the fence, but it’s too high for her, and the Killer walks away as the fire alarms cry in the background. Does this mean that the Killer left the dog for dead, too?

Because Diva wasn’t inside the house when the Killer burned down the house, it is fair to assume that she survives the events in the movie. The fire alarm is expected to alert people in the neighborhood, and soon, firemen would show up at the house. The Brute is already dead, and perhaps his body will burn down before help arrives, but it won’t be too late for Diva, who is in the yard at a safe enough distance from the fire.

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