The Kitchen Tribute: Who Was Jono? How Did He Die?

Image Credit: Jonathan Gales/ Factor Fifteen/ instagram

Netflix’s ‘The Kitchen’ is a dystopian drama that has many narrative and thematic layers, which make it a complex film about the socio-political nature of the world. At its heart, however, it remains a film about a man who rediscovers the meaning of love and community through a boy who becomes his son-like figure (if they aren’t already father-son by blood). The film raises a lot of questions and brings forth varied emotions for the audience. It leaves us with several questions, one of which is the tribute in the film, which is dedicated to the memory of Jono and Naz.

Jonathan “Jono” Gales was the VFX Creative Director for The Kitchen

Jonathan Gales died on November 19, 2022, as a result of the traumatic injuries he sustained in a car accident. The 36-year-old was hit by a car driven by a man named Joseph Hansen Madarang, who was driving the wrong way on a one-way street and hit one more pedestrian before trying to flee the scene. He crashed into another car at a short distance and was apprehended by the police after the locals stopped him. He was also suspected of driving under influence.

Jonathan Gales is survived by his wife, Claire Pepper, their two children (the latter born a few months after his death), his parents, and his two brothers. Born in New Jersey, Gales studied architecture at the University of Brighton and later attended the Bartlett School of Architecture, where he met Paul Nicholls and Kibwe Tavares, with whom he co-founded Factory Fifteen. Together, they created films that focus on “the future of architecture and technology.” They also directed the BAFTA-winning the BBC’s Tokyo 2020 promo video, ‘Let’s Go There.’ Through Factory Fifteen, they also worked with brands like Formula 1, the British Film Institute, and Film 4, among others. Remembering Gales, Nicholls, and Tavares expressed deep sorrow about the passing of their “steadfast creative partner,” saying that they had “lost a part of who we are.”

Apart from his work in Factory Fifteen, Gales had earned a name for himself through his other projects. He won the top prize at the Architectural 3D Awards 2011 and the Fitzroy Robinson Drawing Prize 2011 and exhibited his work at the Royal Academy of Arts London, among other places. He was also a bicycle and racing enthusiast and was a member of the Dulwich Paragon and the Herne Hill Velodrome.

He held a Cat 1 license. Had competed in the 2019 National Champs and was the winner of the Tour of the Hopfields Nat B race. Described as a “caring, thoughtful and loving husband and father,” he had “a bubbly personality with a fascination for world culture” and is missed deeply by his loved ones.

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