Where To Stream The Lie?

‘The Lie’ is a 2018 psychological thriller film directed and written by Veena Sud, based on the German film ‘We Monsters.’ ‘The Lie’ features the acting talents of Joey King (‘The Kissing Booth’), Peter Sarsgaard (‘Orphan’), and Mireille Enos (‘Hanna’). ‘The Lie’ revolves around a family spinning a web of increasingly deceitful lies to cover up one horrific crime. The critics appreciated the movie’s fast pace and consistent levels of nail-biting tension, apart from the amazing acting skills displayed by the main cast. If you would like to know where you can stream ‘The Lie,’ we have it covered for you. First, let us give you a bit more information about the plot of the film!

What is The Lie About?

‘The Lie’ follows the story of a recently separated couple as they come together and make up lies to cover up a second-degree murder that their daughter has committed. The couple is Jay and Rebecca, and their daughter is Kayla, who is weirdly not guilty or affected after committing a murder. Who does she kill? Her friend Brittany, who Kayla and her dad Jay were giving a lift to the ballet camp that both girls were attending for the weekend. On the way, Brittany acts a bit flirtatiously towards Jay, annoying Kayla.

When the girls don’t come back from a peeing stop in the woods, Jay goes looking for them, only to find his daughter sitting numbly on the edge of a bridge. Things go downhill real quick when Kayla admits that she pushed Brittany off the bridge. They return home, and Kayla fakes sickness to explain her absence at the dance camp. When poor Brittany’s father shows up at their door, the whole family lies through their teeth, even going so low as to frame Brittany’s father for the crime by telling the authorities that he used to hit Brittany. Here are the details on how to watch ‘The Lie’ online.

Is The Lie on Netflix?

‘The Lie’ is not available on Netflix. But if you want to watch something similar, the craziest murder cover-ups are featured in the show ‘How To Get Away With Murder.’

Is The Lie on Hulu?

Unfortunately, at this time, ‘The Lie’ is not available to stream on Hulu. Fans of the crime thriller genre can instead try watching ‘A Kind Of Murder‘ which is a gripping murder mystery.

Is The Lie on Amazon Prime?

Yes, ‘The Lie’ is available to stream, buy, or rent on Amazon Prime. Watch it here!

Where To Watch The Lie Online?

‘The Lie’ is only available to watch on Amazon Prime as of now. It is not available on any other streaming app or website.

Where To Stream The Lie For Free?

For viewers who do not have a Prime account, they can sign up on the Amazon website for a first-month free trial and then watch ‘The Lie’ on Prime Videos. Generally, we always recommend that our readers pay for the content they consume.

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