The Lincoln Lawyer Filming Locations

Starring Matthew McConaughey in the lead role, ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is a legal crime drama based on the book of the same name by Michael Connelly. It follows the story of an attorney named Mick Haller, who is used to winning cases by hook or by crook. He has a bad reputation for accepting criminals as his clients and keeping them on the streets. In the process, he makes a lot of money. That’s his only focus, no matter whether or not his clients are actually guilty or not.

All of this changes when a rich man blamed for a horrific crime employs his services. A prostitute is brutally beaten and almost killed, but the man claims that all of this is just a ploy to extort money from him. Haller jumps into the case for the money and digs in with the belief that his client is innocent. However, as new information surfaces, he realizes that there might be more to this than he had initially imagined.

The film uses several locations to capture the movements of Haller and the urgency of his new case. If you want to know where it has been shot, here’s the answer.

Where is The Lincoln Lawyer Filmed?

‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ follows the story of a man who is always on the move. Mick Haller’s work goes with him everywhere as he is driven around the city by his chauffeur, Earl. From his home to the courthouse to prison to his clients’ houses, he is constantly jumping from one place to another. His whole operation is set in Los Angeles County. For shooting the film, the production set camp in Los Angeles, using locations all over the city.

Los Angeles, California

Because Mick Haller works out of his car, he goes around Los Angeles a lot. This movement allowed ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ to explore many sites in LA. Haller’s house is located at 3104 Minnesota Street, and 714 Hawthorne Street in South Pasadena is the location of Maggi’s house. The scene where Mick meets with Sticks is filmed at Jim’s Burgers on 1901 E 1ST ST, Boyle Heights. Coles French Dip on 118 E 6th Street, Sun Valley, and Echo Park also feature in several scenes in the movie.

The film has also been shot on location in Marina del Rey, Inglewood, and Sherman Oaks. The ending scene with the bikers was filmed on North Avenue 19. The scene where Mick tells Louis that he will put him on the stand the next day has been shot around 200 North Main Street. The bar scenes in the movie were filmed in The York at 5018 York Boulevard. Several scenes have also been filmed in Los Angeles Center Studios at 450 S. Bixel Street in Downtown Los Angeles.

Out of all the places in the story, the most important is the courthouse. This is where Mick Haller works his magic, despite all the ethical and professional hurdles placed in front of him. The filming for these scenes took place at The Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles in Inglewood as well as the one in San Fernando.

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