The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart: Are Agnes and Clem Brother and Sister?

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Prime Video’s ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’ follows the story of a young girl named Alice whose life goes through a series of ups and downs. Her story begins in an isolated place by the ocean where she lives with her parents, Agnes and Clem. At first glance, they look like a happy family. However, it turns out that Clem is abusive towards his wife and daughter. Ten-year-old Alice doesn’t know much about her parents’ history or why her mother doesn’t run away, even when her father behaves so monstrously.

It is after their deaths that Alice finds out more about them. They lived together at Thornfield, and Clem’s mother, June, considered Agnes the daughter she never had. Does this mean that Agnes and Clem were each other’s siblings? Were they related? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Are Agnes and Clem Siblings?

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Agnes and Clem were not siblings in ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart.’ They did live together at Thornfield, but Agnes was not June’s biological daughter. June had only one child, Clem, whom she had after she was raped by three men. June never shared this trauma of her life with anyone and created the story about a man named Robert, whom she loved and who disappeared as suddenly as he came into her life. While June loved Clem, she saw a certain darkness inside her son, and it worried her, which is why she didn’t want him to be with Candy, the girl she loved like her own daughter.

June inherited Thornfield from her mother. The place was passed on to the women in the house, which is why June never gave it to Clem. One of the reasons behind this was that Thornfield had been turned into a haven for women seeking help and trying to leave behind their dark past. Most women there, whom June called flowers, ran away from their abusive partners. Sometimes, they also left behind children, who were cared for by June, Twig, and other women at Thornfield.

One of those babies was Candy Blue. June loved Candy and wanted Clem to treat her like his little sister. She wanted him to take care of her, but Clem and Candy fell in love. When June found out about it, she sent Candy away. At that time, Candy was barely thirteen, while Clem was an adult. June didn’t want Clem to take advantage of Candy, and she also knew that it wouldn’t lead to anything good because something about Clem was off.

Image Credits: Hugh Stewart/ Prime Video

When Candy was gone, Agnes came to Thornfield. She was an orphan and had come to June to find a safe place for herself. Agnes was much closer to Clem in age, which made their relationship appropriate. June wanted Clem to forget about Candy, so she encouraged his relationship with Agnes. She thought Agnes was older and could take care of herself if things ever got out of hand with Clem. It was selfish on her part because she wouldn’t have put Candy through the same ordeal.

While Clem and Agnes lived together in Thornfield, they were never like a brother and sister to each other. By the time they met, they were already young adults, unlike Clem and Candy, who’d grown up together, especially Candy, who was still a child when she came to Thornfield. There was nothing wrong with them being together. However, when June refused to give the farm to Clem, he got angry. He thought June loved Agnes like she loved Candy. So, to hurt his mother, he took Agnes away from Thornfield. They got married and settled in a different place, and Clem ensured that June couldn’t find them. Not until he was dead.

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