Netflix’s The Lovebirds Filming Locations

‘The Lovebirds’ is a romantic drama with a twist of murder. Starring Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani in the lead roles, it follows the story of Leilani and Jibran, who become murder suspects right after they break-up with each other. All they know is that the man who was killed is Bicycle, and the one who killed him is Moustache. They follow one clue after another to uncover an even darker secret.

The film takes a lot of twists and turns and jumps genres. From romantic comedy to crime thriller to comedy, it throws a lot of surprises at the audience. It also keeps the characters busy by leading them from one end of the city to another. From the crime scene on a dead-end street, they go to a bar. From there, they go to the victim’s house, and eventually, find themselves at the masquerade party of a weird secret society. As their locations change, the nature of their relationship progresses as well. Due to this, it was critical to get the filming location right. Here’s where ‘The Lovebirds’ was shot.

Where is The Lovebirds Filmed?

The story of ‘The Lovebirds’ takes place in New Orleans. This is where Leilani and Jibran meet for the first time and embark on a relationship that teaches them a lot of things. The city especially comes into play when they are on the brink of breaking up but are forced together due to a murder that makes them look guilty. They have to run around the city to pick up after the clues and find out who the real perpetrator is and how they can bring him to justice. To get the city in its authentic mood, the production took to New Orleans to shoot the entire film.

New Orleans, Louisiana

What starts as a dreamy love affair soon bears the brunt of time as the relationship loses its luster. Leilani and Jibran become aware of the growing chasm between them. However, as they run around the city looking for answers to the mystery whose solution will determine their innocence, they find that spark again.

Filming the whole movie took around two months. During this period, the crew set camp at New Orleans and used various locations all around the city to present different shades of the protagonists’ relationship. While some scenes were filmed in a studio, a lot of it took place on location. Because Leilani and Jibran have very little time to find out what Bicycle was up to and why Moustache wanted to kill him, many events take place at night. This led the crew to have vigorous night shifts that started at 7 in the evening and lasted till 4 in the morning.

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