The Peep Show After Shark Tank: A Sustainable Haven for Avian Enthusiasts

Bird lovers and avid birdhouse keepers share a common fascination for the avian world, finding solace and joy in the presence of feathered companions. While the allure of observing birds in their natural habitat is undeniable, the logistics of maintaining a respectful distance can often pose challenges. Bird enthusiasts often contend with the delicate balance of wanting to witness the beauty of these winged creatures up close without causing disruption. On the 14th episode of the 15th season of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank,’ a groundbreaking product called The Peep Show was presented, promising to revolutionize the bird-watching experience for enthusiasts.

The Peep Show: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Steve Gray, an Art Center College of Design graduate with a background in Fine and Studio Arts from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, initiated the birdhouse project during the COVID-19 pandemic. Growing up in Alaska, Steve attributes his love for bird watching to his father, who instilled in him a deep appreciation for observing birds in their natural habitats, particularly within nests. Another person responsible for Steve’s love for birds and the idea of The Peep Show is his grandfather, Chuck Gray, who had always hoped to look inside the birdhouses that surrounded their family home in Alaska.

Fittingly, Steve revealed that the inaugural prototype of the birdhouse was actually crafted by his father. This pioneering design featured a sewer inspection camera and a coaxial cable. The birdhouse was strategically installed on the outer side of the kitchen wall, allowing for optimal bird observation. To enhance the viewing experience, a computer monitor was positioned on the kitchen counter, transforming the ordinary space into a bird-watching haven.

From the initial prototype crafted by his father, Steve embarked on developing the product that has now become The Peep Show. Designating a floor of his home, he installed a series of high-end consumer-grade 3D printers that operate around the clock, facilitating the continuous production of these innovative birdhouses. The Peep Show stands out as a smart birdhouse, seamlessly integrating technology to enable users to livestream videos from inside the birdhouse directly to their phones. Steve’s conscientious approach ensures that The Peep Show not only provides an interactive bird-watching experience but also respects the natural habitat of the beloved birds he holds dear.

The birdhouses, produced in Seattle, boast a commitment to sustainability by utilizing locally sourced materials, specifically the vertical grain Western Red Cedar. Additionally, these eco-friendly birdhouses incorporate bio-plastic, a material derived from renewable resources or biodegradable substances. Bio-plastic aims to reduce environmental impact compared to traditional plastics. Emphasizing their dedication to ecological responsibility, the birdhouses are packaged in recyclable materials, contributing to a more sustainable product life cycle.

Beyond their eco-conscious design, The Peep Show birdhouses offer features specifically tailored for the well-being of baby birds. Notable attributes include climbing walls to aid fledgling birds as they begin to explore, as well as top-to-bottom ventilation to ensure a healthy and conducive environment for their growth and development. The thoughtful integration of these features reflects a holistic approach to birdhouse design, aligning with both the well-being of the avian inhabitants and the principles of environmental responsibility.

Where is The Peep Show Now?

In recognition of the sustainability and outstanding design of The Peep Show, the product received the prestigious Red Dot Award for excellence in product design in 2023. Their appearance on ‘Shark Tank’ further propelled the business, providing a significant boost to its visibility and success. Steve Gray, expressing his sentiments, conveyed that turning the dream of creating such a product into reality was a profound and fulfilling journey, emphasizing how the recognition and achievements exceeded his once-distant aspirations.

The Peep Show Birdhouse is offered at $199 without a camera kit, suitable for users with a Blink home camera system. For those desiring the integrated camera feature, the version with a camera is available for $299. Both variants can be conveniently purchased on their official website. Steve has positioned these birdhouses as more than mere functional items; he considers them pieces of art. The pricing strategy reflects a commitment to providing birds with the best possible habitats for nesting and birth, justifying the cost as an investment in both artistry and the well-being of the avian occupants.

The Peep Show has forged a meaningful partnership with One Tree Planted, an environmental nonprofit dedicated to global tree-planting initiatives. As a part of their commitment to environmental sustainability, for every Peep Show sold, a donation is made to plant a new tree. With its distinctive features and a commitment to environmental responsibility, The Peep Show is poised for significant success, appealing to consumers who value both innovative bird-watching experiences and a positive impact on the planet.

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