The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 Episode 8 Recap: Dragon’s Den

In ‘Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari’ or ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero‘ season 3 episode 8 titled ‘Dragon’s Den’ Naofumi and his comrades prepare to rescue Gaelion. But just when they are about to leave the village and head to the mountains, Filo-chan suddenly gets really sick and the Shield Hero has to meet her. With the rescue mission in Jeopardy, Naofumi learns that Filo’s life is also in danger as Gaelion, who is now in someone else’s control is slowly drawing her power to become stronger. While Atla-san uses her special ability to slow down the transfer, the Shield Hero knows that they do not have much power on their hands as rogue Gaelion is getting more and more dangerous. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Naofumi Plans to Rescue Gaelion And Save Filo

After Gaelion flies away, the Shield Hero and his comrades are left scratching their heads for a while. They speculate the possibility of the Emperor Dragon having overtaken Gaelion’s mind and controlling him now. Interestingly, all dragons have an organ called the core, which contains their mind. One who manages to get access to it and automatically controls the dragon as well. This seems to be the case with Gaelion as well since no other possibility appears logical.

In order to rescue the now zombie dragon, Naofumi starts making a strategy. He wants to ensure that the village is safe in his absence but he also needs really good fighters as they will be going up against the Emperor Dragon. Just when he prepares his group to leave, Eclair stops the Shield Hero and asks him to follow her. It turns out that Filo-chan has suddenly gotten really sick and is in immense pain for some mysterious reason. Wyndia, who is now close friends with her along with others requests Naofumi to take them too so that they can see their friend.

When the Shield Hero meets Filo-chan, he finds her in a traumatic state and feels sorry for her. The healers have tried their best but have not been able to help her much. After carefully studying her symptoms, Naofumi learns that her powers are being drawn by the zombie dragon and she is slowly getting really weak. Atla-san realizes that something must be done immediately and in order to buy some time, she uses her magic so that the transfer of powers is slowed down. But even then, Naofumi calculates that they have no more than two days to do something otherwise Filo-chan may not survive.

The Shield Hero Fights the Emperor Dragon

After getting some help, Filo-chan wakes up and requests to accompany the Shield Hero. Naofumi allows her and some of her friends to come provided they do not get into trouble. Some time afterward, they leave the village to look for Gaelion, who is now a zombie dragon. They eventually reach a village where he has been seen and learn from the inhabitants that he headed to the Dragon’s den in the mountains. The villagers fear for their lives but Naofumi reassures them that everything will be okay.

Eventually, the Shield Hero and his comrades find Gaelion in his zombified state in the cave. Interestingly, Filo-chan is acting strangely elsewhere and manages to fly away despite everyone’s best efforts. It turns out that she has also somehow entered a possessed state and ends up in the Dragon’s den as well despite the fact that Naofumi wanted her to remain out of the entire battle. She tries to fight the dragon but instead gets engulfed by it. Soon, Naofumi and his comrades learn that their theory is right and the Emperor Dragon has taken over Galieon’s body. He wants to get rid of all the humans from the world and rule as per his desire.

Naturally, the Shield Hero is furious and immediately fights back. But it turns out that the Emperor Dragon has taken Filo-chan in his custody and is using Naofumi’s shield powers against him as well. This puts everyone in danger, so the Shield Hero plans to turn his ability against him by deliberately sabotaging a shield powerup. But when he tries to do that, the Emperor Dragon takes things in his control and becomes even more powerful. Just moments later, Naofumi opens his eyes after a blast and finds all his comrades on the ground struggling to get up.

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