The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: Emperor Dragon

In ‘Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari’ or ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero‘ season 3 episode 9 titled ‘Emperor Dragon’ Naofumi and his comrades continue to fight against their common enemy. When the Emperor Dragon is about to unleash a deadly attack, Atla takes it upon herself to defend her friends. As mayhem ensues, the cave gets flooded following which the Shield Hero has to rescue Atla-san. Later, they start to rethink their strategy and that’s when Wyndia recalls how she grew up with the Emperor Dragon, who has become a father figure for her. While recalling his stories, she suddenly remembers one of his weaknesses and decides to inform the Shield Hero.

Wyndia Figures Out Emperor Dragon’s Weakness

As the battle against the Emperor Dragon intensifies, the Shield Hero gives his all but it is still not enough. When the dangerous dragon appears to get really agitated and is about to unleash a dangerous attack, Atla-san decides to take matters into her own hands. She leaps towards the Emperor Dragon, determined to fight him on his own even though she is putting herself in harm’s way. As they unleash relentless attacks on each other, the cave suddenly gets flooded, following which everyone is pushed outside.

Since Atla-san is frail and small, Naofumi has to rescue her. The fight ends in an inconclusive manner. The Shield Hero notices that Filo-chan’s energy has been consumed by the Emperor Dragon and they do not have much time now to rescue her otherwise it will be too late. Now it becomes really important that they surround the Emperor Dragon the following morning and ensure that he is defeated. Later that night when everyone is about to take a rest, Wyndia is asked if she really believes that she is the daughter of the dragon.

It turns out that when Wyndia was just a baby, a man (possibly her father), who was heavily injured was running through the jungle. It appears that his life was in danger. When he came across the Emperor Dragon, he requested him to take the baby. But before the dragon could respond, he fell to his knees and appeared to die. In the weeks after that, the Emperor Dragon kept Wyndia around and looked after her.

Initially, the dragon barely understood the needs of the child and was unable to figure out how to comfort her. But slowly he learned to pay close attention to Wyndia’s needs and started actively looking after her. He would hunt for the little girl and make sure that she was well-fed. Wyndia grew up in the cave and the Emperor Dragon always made sure that she was safe. As all those memories rush back to her, Wyndia suddenly recalls how the Emperor Dragon would be agitated when the upside-down scale on its body was even touched harshly.

Wyndia Bids Goodbye to Her Father

Wnydia feels that she has figured out Emperor Dragon’s weakness and informs Naofumi immediately about the upside-down scale. Now the Shield Hero realizes that they have a good opportunity to push back. But he also realizes that Atla-san has put herself in danger in the last confrontation and he does not wish to create a similar situation this time. He tells her to watch the battle unfold and practice restrain as he considers her trump card, which he will only use in a moment of crisis. The Shield Hero equipped with the new insights plans to start a second round of attack the following morning, making sure that all the bases are covered this time.

In order to target the upside-down scale of the Emperor Dragon, Naofumi decides to use the spells of his skilled magician comrades so that he cannot fly away. Once he is unable to move much, the Shield Hero hopes to deliver the killing blow. The following morning, Naofumi forces the Emperor Dragon to cover out of its cave. As planned, spells are used on the dragon but it is so overwhelmingly powerful, that most attacks seem ineffective. Eventually, when the Emperor Dragon appears to be on the verge of delivering some serious damage to Naofumi and his comrades, Atla-san takes matters into her own hands one more time and attacks the beast. Her brave actions bear fruit, as the Emperor Dragon suddenly appears incapacitated after which Filo-chan and Gaelion are freed. When some minutes later, the dragon awakens and tries to fly away, Raphtalia delivers a final blow to end its life. Later that day, Wyndia pays respect to her beloved father-figure and prays for his soul. Naofumi respects her feelings and also joins in.

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