The Stand Finale: What To Expect?

The Stand‘ episode 8, which happens to be the penultimate part of the miniseries, delivers so many twists that it left us spellbound! There are multiple deaths and then a major reveal. We have provided a detailed recap of the thrilling episode that you can check out after you have seen what the upcoming episode 9 of ‘The Stand’ has in store.

The Stand Finale Release Date

‘The Stand’ episode 9 is scheduled to premiere on February 11, 2021, on CBS All Access at 3 am ET. The 9th episode serves as the season finale.

Where to Stream The Stand Finale Online?

The most straightforward way to watch ‘The Stand’ episode 9 is to stream it on CBS All Access when it lands on the platform at the aforementioned date and time. The monthly subscription plans begin at $5.99 a month for the ad-supported version. You can also get ad-free options for a higher rate. CBS All Access currently offers a 7-day free trial to all its first-time subscribers. Cord-cutters who have ditched the cable can use live-streaming services such as DirecTV to watch ‘The Stand’ without a cable subscription. ‘The Stand’ is also included with CBS All Access on Amazon Prime Video.

The Stand Finale Spoilers

The finale of ‘The Stand’ is titled ‘Coda: Frannie in the Well.’ The story might see Stu surviving an injury and reaching Boulder just after the birth of Fran’s child. It might follow Stu and Fran as they make a combined decision to return to Maine, doubtful about whether the human race can learn from its mistakes. It should also see Flagg on a new mission.

He might settle by a beach and start recruiting new followers. However, the above assumptions are only based on Stephen King’s book. As per CBS All Access’ EVP Julie McNamara, the TV adaptation will see a different ending. She had hinted that the show’s conclusion would take us beyond the answers offered by the novel.

The Stand Episode 8 Recap

‘The Stand’ episode 8 follows Larry, Ray, and Glen as they reach Vegas, only to be captured by Lloyd Henreid. Here, they are forced to attend a trial in a kangaroo court. The proceedings are broadcast all over the city. Glen tries to appeal to Lloyd, stating that they should get a chance to amend their evil ways. But Lloyd ends up killing Glen instead when he starts getting fearful that Glen’s words are turning the audience.

After the trial, Nadine Cross meets up with Larry. The latter compels her to see her frail reflection, and the shock forces Nadine to go into labor. But when she realizes that Flagg’s seed would turn out to be evil, she flings herself from the penthouse to her death. Flagg presents Nadine’s head to Larry, following which Larry and Ray are chained in the gladiatorial pit. Flagg takes control of the trial and reveals his plans. He aims to level the Boulder Free Zone, which is a nuclear warhead brought by the Trashcan Man.

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