The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 1, 2, 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

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Prime Video’s romance drama series, ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty,’ returns with a second season that puts its protagonist in a complicated mess of love and relationships. The last season ended with Conrad finally confessing his true feelings to Belly. It looked like the beginning of a happy ending for them. However, it turns out that being with Conrad wasn’t all that Belly imagined it to be. Due to her brief fling with Jeremiah and Susannah’s deteriorating health, things take a toll on their relationship. But it’s not the end just yet. Here’s a look at the first three episodes of the season and how they set up the events that will unfold over the coming weeks. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 1,2,3 Recap

Image Credit: Erika Doss/Prime Video

It’s been a year since the end of the last season when Belly and Conrad kissed by the beach, but everything has turned upside down for Belly and the Fisher brothers. Susannah is dead, and both Conrad and Jeremiah have cut ties with Belly. This has affected her grades in school. She has also left the volleyball team and spends most of her time moping around the house. Things are worse this summer because she cannot return to Cousins.

The flashbacks reveal that when Belly told Jeremiah about her and Conrad, he broke all ties with her. This made Belly take a step back from the relationship, and she and Conrad didn’t talk to each other until a couple of months later. It started with a phone call as friends, but soon, Conrad showed up at Belly’s house, expressing the desire to be with her. By this time, Jeremiah was already dating other people, which made Conrad and Belly think he’d moved on.

The magical time that Belly had with Conrad is now in the past, as it’s been a while since she talked to him. No one knows what happened between them and why they broke up, but since then, Conrad and Jeremiah have also kept Steven at a distance. They didn’t even show up at his graduation ceremony, leading to contempt between him and Belly. When it looks like nothing is changing in her life and everything is only getting worse, Belly decides to do something about it. She calls Jeremiah, who hasn’t talked to her since last summer. This time, however, he picks up and reveals that Conrad has gone missing.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 3 Ending

Image Credit: Erika Doss/Prime Video

Conrad’s sudden disappearance brings Jeremiah and Belly together, who go to his college to figure out where he might have gone. Jeremiah still holds a grudge about what happened between them last summer and acts like Belly’s presence is unwanted. However, she knows how scared he must be, not knowing where or how his brother is, so she accompanies him anyway. Conrad’s roommate reveals that he went to Cousins, so Jeremiah and Belly drive there.

On the way, they get a flat tire, and in trying to replace it, an argument erupts between them. Jeremiah spills his anger about he felt betrayed by Belly and how she left him alone at a time when he needed her the most. She apologizes to him, and they decide to let the bygones be bygones. In flashbacks, Belly remembers the last time she came to Cousins. It was around Christmas with Conrad. No one knew they had sneaked off together, which made it all the more magical. This was also when they had sex for the first time.

On reaching the house, they find that Conrad really is there. He is fine, but there is a huge problem. Following Susannah’s death, the beach house has gone to her half-sister, Julia, who wants to sell the place. As soon as Conrad found out about it, he left everything to come to Cousins and try to find a way to stop his aunt from selling and convincing his father to do something about it. He has failed on both ends, and it looks like no one can do anything about it. Jeremiah and Belly meet Julia and try to convince her not to sell, but she is determined not to change her mind.

Image Credit: Erika Doss/Prime Video

Back home, Laurel leaves for New York for a few days, and when Steven discovers that Conrad, Jeremiah, and Belly are in Cousins, he decides to go there too, accompanied by Taylor. It seems an unlikely pairing, but it looks like there might be some sparks left between them since they last hooked up. For now, Steven is single, and Taylor has a boyfriend, but the more time they spend together, the more it makes sense for them to end up together in the future.

Things stay a little awkward between Belly and Conrad, with the latter clearly not wanting to be around her. Over time, he softens but remains distant. Another flashback reveals that Conrad had started to shut out Belly since Susannah’s health started to worsen. They’d made plans to go to her prom together, but first Conrad forgets the date, and then he forgets to bring the corsage. Even when they are together at prom, it’s clear to Belly that Conrad doesn’t want to be there.

After trying to get him to talk to her, Belly gives up and verbalizes what she thinks is inevitable for them now. She asks Conrad to just say that they are breaking up and be done with it. He doesn’t say it, but he makes no effort to refute it either, suggesting that he was thinking about it all this while. Soon after, Susannah succumbs to her illness and dies. They meet at the funeral, where Belly tries to be there for Conrad and patch up with Jeremiah. However, things only get worse.

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Belly finds Conrad in a room with his ex-girlfriend. He tells Belly she was helping him process his grief, and nothing happened between them. This only infuriates Belly because all this time, she’d been trying to help him, but Conrad refused to let her in and didn’t accept help from her. Their argument creates a stir at the funeral, and an embarrassed Belly leaves. That was the last time she talked to Conrad until now.

Conrad, Jeremiah, and Belly set aside their differences to handle the crisis of losing the house they love so much. Even though Julia doesn’t seem to be in the mood to change her mind, they have no intention of giving up. With Steven and Taylor there, they decide to take things one day at a time and start watching a movie as the day comes to an end. Just then, Conrad receives a text which sends him into a panic attack. What the text entailed remains to be seen, but it shows that Conrad has not been well. Breaking up with Belly and losing his mother had already been difficult enough. The prospect of losing the house has made things worse. Luckily, he is surrounded by people who love him and can help him through it; if only he accepts.

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