The Table Tyke: Improving Toddler Dining on Shark Tank

Toddlers, in their exploration of the world, often approach meals with enthusiasm, which can lead to chaotic and messy dining experiences. Maintaining cleanliness becomes a topmost priority for parents, but it is undeniably challenging amidst the whirlwind of toddler activities. Spilled food, sticky fingers, and unpredictable mealtime behaviors can turn dining into a daily battleground. Enter The Table Tyke, a revolutionary product that provides a blessing for all parents struggling with these challenges.

Featured on the 11th episode of the 15th season of ‘Shark Tank,’ The Table Tyke offers an innovative solution to keep mealtime messes at bay, ensuring a stress-free dining experience for both parents and toddlers alike. It garnered enough eyeballs for its uniqueness. Naturally, many would be looking for an update on the company’s journey after its appearance on the show.

The Table Tyke: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Berlyn Haughton, a resident of Franklin, Tennessee, is a devoted mother of two adorable toddler sons. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies from Loyola Marymount University, Berlyn harbored a lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur. After dedicating over a decade to the corporate sector, she found that the conventional jobs she pursued didn’t bring her the fulfillment she sought. It was with the arrival of her two sons that Berlyn recognized the need for a change, realizing the importance of pursuing something that not only made her happy but also provided a sense of purpose, surpassing the mere exhaustion that came with her previous job commitments.

During a lunch outing with her mother and seven-month-old son, Berlyn Haughton found herself constantly minding her child, who, in the throes of teething, persistently had his mouth at the edge of the table, occasionally resulting in biting. The constant need to intervene and prevent him from doing so led Berlyn to contemplate the convenience of having a barrier between her son’s mouth and the table. This moment of distraction sparked the idea for The Table Tyke. The concept materialized into a silicone mat featuring a table edge bumper, offering a practical solution to make dining out more manageable for parents with toddlers. This innovative product emerged from Berlyn’s real-life parenting challenges, aiming to enhance the dining experience for families on the go.

Excited about her innovative idea, Berlyn presented it to her supportive husband, who not only embraced the concept but also contributed to the venture by suggesting the brand’s name. The Table Tyke silicone mats feature a rolled, thicker edge on one side, serving the dual purpose of functioning as a bumper and providing relief for teething kids. Crafted from slip-resistant silicone material, the mats securely adhere to tables, ensuring a mess-free dining experience that simplifies the task for guardians. The strategically placed bumps around the mat confine any potential mess to its surface, while the mat’s portability is enhanced by its ability to be easily rolled up.

Where is The Table Tyke Now?

Parents have discovered diverse applications for The Table Tyke silicone mats beyond mealtime. Besides serving as a mess-free dining aid, these versatile mats find utility in various activities. For instance, they prove to be excellent surfaces for drawing and coloring, providing a creative outlet for toddlers without the worry of leaving a mark on tables. Additionally, parents have repurposed the mats for activities like playdough modeling, creating a dedicated space for imaginative play while containing the potential mess. Another popular use is during arts and crafts sessions, as the silicone material allows easy cleanup of spilled glue, paint, or markers.

Since its impactful appearance on ‘Shark Tank,’ The Table Tyke has witnessed a significant surge in customers, reaching more people who appreciate its multifunctional capabilities and the convenience it brings to various parenting scenarios. The Table Tyke is available in four calming colors—slate gray, sage green, ballet pink, and sky blue—adding a touch of aesthetic appeal to its practicality. Priced at $2200 each, these mats are crafted with precision and care. For those seeking an XL size, it is offered at $3000. While the prices may be slightly higher, they are justified by the exceptional quality of the product.

The mats are constructed using non-toxic FDA-grade silicone, ensuring safety for children. Convenience is key with The Table Tyke, as the mats are both microwave and dishwasher-safe, making them suitable for daily use. To further enhance customer satisfaction, the brand provides free shipping, making this innovative parenting solution even more accessible to families. The Table Tyke holds a special place in the hearts of parents because it’s not just a product; it’s the brainchild of a mother who intimately understands the challenges of parenting. Berlyn, the creator and owner, shares her insights on the brand’s social media pages, demonstrating the many ways these mats can be utilized.

Beyond being a child-friendly dining accessory, adults can seamlessly incorporate them into their activities, including cooking and baking. The versatility showcased by Berlyn on social media has resonated with many, making The Table Tyke the sole product of its kind in the market. Its unique qualities and the genuine understanding of parenting woes by its creator have propelled it to reach diverse households, making it a go-to product for families everywhere.

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