The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 6 Recap / Review

After chasing after their father and arguing amongst themselves whether or not he is their best option at saving the world, the Umbrella Academy finally meets their maker in the sixth episode of the season. The reunion is tense, a little because Reginald doesn’t yet know that he will adopt seven children in the future, and mainly because he is still the same egotistic, rude, and insensitive old man who had raised them. But there must be some way in which he can help them, if not by simply correcting his own course and changing history.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

The episode begins with a quick summary of Alison’s journey in 1961 Dallas. In the time that she took to recover and get her voice back, she started working at the parlour, met Raymond, and got involved in the civil rights movement. Now, all that she worked for in two years is threatened because her previous life came calling back. With the apocalypse right around the corner, she comes clean to Raymond about everything.

Klaus, too, tries to be honest to his cult and tells them that he is a fraud. However, they are too brainwashed to understand what he’s saying, and hence, he is forced to remain with his devout followers. He also reunites with Dave, who comes looking for him, searching for answers. But it turns out that Klaus’s efforts to not get him to sign up for the army did exactly that. Dave is ready to ship out and there is nothing Klaus can do about it.

Meanwhile, Vanya meets with Sissy and after professing their love for each other, they decide that they will run away together. However, it won’t be any easier now, because Carl has discovered their secret.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 6 Review

All the Hargreeves children go to the family dinner with the promise of finding an answer to the apocalypse problem. But they come out of it just as dejected as they had always been in their father’s presence. He doesn’t even feign to be interested in them and even chides Diego when he tries to show him that he has taken over the responsibility of saving the world by saving Kennedy. Five, too, accepts that nothing good has come out of it, considering how much he had been obsessing over it for the past couple of days. One interesting thing to come out of this meeting is Hargreeves’s private conversation with Five, where he suggests him to jump in time by seconds, rather than trying out for years or decades at one time. Though Five dismisses it as a useless advice, it is something to keep in mind for in the future.

In the end, he takes the second, though more undesirable, option. He cuts a deal with the Handler and is ready to help her in overthrowing the Commission. Rewind a little bit, and we find Five and the Handler face to face. Though both of them are very mistrustful of each other, it turns out that they are the only ones who can help each other at this point. The Handler wants to organise a coup d’état, and to kill the board of directors, she needs the services of the best assassin of all time. She will give him the time where they secretly meet and that’s when Five has to do the job for her.

In return, she would give him a briefcase, using which he and his siblings can travel back to their original timeline in 2019. While it is understandable that Five has no other option at the moment, shaking hands with the Handler is like collaborating with the Devil. Nothing good is going to come out of it. Five should probably prepare himself for some serious backstabbing, especially because the Handler already harbours a grudge against him for ruining her previous plans.

What makes us all the warier regarding the Handler’s true intentions is her manipulation of the Swedes. Previously, she fed them the order of going after Diego and got one of them killed. She continues to play with their strings, making it look like she has nothing to do with their job. She is also unnerved by Diego’s involvement with Lila, which leads us to more questions. Does Lila know that it was she who killed her parents, or that at least, she was present there when her parents were killed? Is the Handler stopping Lila from being with Diego because she fears this would eventually lead to her so-called daughter unravelling her secret?

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