The Walking Dead Dead City: Will the Croat Kill Negan? Theories

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AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ follows Maggie Greene and Negan, who join hands together to find and retrieve the former’s son Hershel from the Croat, the vicious head of a hostile community known as the Burazis. Maggie seeks Negan’s assistance after listening to the Croat whistling the tune of the former leader of the Saviors. She figures out that the two know each other, only for Negan to confirm her assumption. In the second episode of the series, he opens up about his history with the Croatian, which makes the viewers concerned about his fate. Well, here’s what we can share about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will the Croat Kill Negan?

When Maggie meets Negan to retrieve Hershel from the Croat, the former leader of the Saviors refrains from detailing his history with the latter. However, he tells his “friend” that the Croatian is a highly vicious individual who doesn’t have any reason to hand over Hershel back to her. In the second episode of the series, Negan tells Maggie that the Croat became an underling of the former after the zombie apocalypse. Negan added the Croatian to his force upon getting impressed by the latter. When the group fought the Kingdom, the Croat was a part of the former. Negan witnessed the Croatian’s true nature when the latter severely hurt a young scout.

Image Credit: Peter Kramer/AMC

Negan eventually realized that the Croat deserved to die. Even Negan’s ruthlessness didn’t come close to the barbarity the Croat displayed, which made the former aim a gun at the latter. He only had one shot at the Croatian and the same hit one of the ears of the latter, which led him to run away from his leader. Since then, the Croat must have been wanting to kill Negan as the latter suspects. When interrogating Hershel after kidnapping him from Hilltop, the Croat focuses only on Negan, which further indicates that the Croatian is expecting his “reformed” former leader to show up at his doorstep.

Considering the Croat’s bestiality, it is not a surprise that Negan believes that the former wants to kill him. The Croatian must have whistled Negan’s tune in front of Maggie in the hope that she would bring his adversary to his den, which she does. The Croat may want to hand over Hershel back to his mother in return for unintentionally presenting Negan to him. But killing the former leader of the Saviors isn’t an easy task. Even though Negan has changed, his ruthlessness hasn’t evaporated from him. When the Croatian’s men try to hunt him down, he welcomes them by slitting the throat and gut of a Burazi to show that he can be as merciless as their leader.

In addition, Negan’s safety must have become Maggie’s responsibility after she learns about the Croat’s possible intentions to kill the former. Although Maggie doesn’t forgive Negan for killing her husband Glenn, she has moved past her wish to see him die. She realizes that the changed Negan deserves a second chance at life, which is why she had his back while they were fighting the Commonwealth together in the eleventh season of ‘The Walking Dead.’ After such a realization, Maggie may not want to be the one causing Negan’s death. Therefore, she may do everything she can to protect him without jeopardizing the safety of her son Hershel.

If Maggie succeeds in getting Hershel back from the Croat, likely with the help of the group she meets in the second episode of the series, she may join Negan to put an end to the Croat’s barbarity. As a mother, she may want to kill the Croatian for laying his hands on her son. The Croat may not be able to survive the force Negan and Maggie may create by joining hands together. If that’s the case, we can expect the Croat to fail to kill Negan.

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