The Wrong Missy Ending, Explained

Netflix’s ‘The Wrong Missy’ follows the story of a man who commits a blunder when he invites the wrong woman to a retreat in Hawaii. The film reminds you of all the lovable things about romantic comedies. It delivers some hilarious moments that leave you gaping at your screen. There are jaw-dropping moments of physical comedy and the common cringe moments that we often come across in these films.

It starts with two characters who are polar opposites of each other. David Spade and Lauren Lapkus play the roles of Tim and Missy. One is a quiet, simple person; the other is the life of the party kind of person. However, over the weekend, they develop a liking for each other and come to know more about one another than what their appearances suggest. Tim starts out with the wrong Missy but ends up with the right one. If you haven’t seen the film yet, head over to Netflix. SPOILERS AHEAD

Plot Summary

Tim Morris goes on a blind date and meets a wild, unpredictable, and insane Missy. A few weeks later, he meets another Missy at the airport, who turns out to be a perfect match for him. He texts her and invites her to a corporate retreat in Hawaii. However, the Missy that shows up is the one with the horrible date. He has no option but to spend the weekend with her, hoping that she will keep herself in check. However, she turns out to be even crazier than he had imagined.

She comes very close to killing herself as well as him; still, she starts to grow on him. Tim starts liking her company, and they have some great times together. He discovers that inside all that wildness, Missy is a very decent person who cares about people around her. Trouble arises when his secret comes to light.

The Ending

After Missy hypnotizes his boss and helps him get the promotion, Tim realizes that she is not as sabotaging as he had previously believed. He starts to have a good time with her. He also gets over his ex-fiancé, whose current partner turns out to be cheating on her. It looks like his life is finally getting better. But there is still the secret that he is keeping from her. Bess, who was vying for the promotion that he got, decides to get back at him. She hints to Missy that she wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. To make matters worse, she contacts Melissa and invites her to Hawaii.

Meanwhile, Missy takes a look at Tim’s phone and sees his chats with Melissa. She discovers that Tim hadn’t intended to talk to her again. The fact that he called her a lunatic doesn’t convince her in his favor. She leaves him, just as Melissa enters the hotel. With the confusion out of the way, it looks like Tim can finally go back to being with the real Missy. But a lot has changed for him over the weekend.

The crazy side of him that he had been repressing for so long has started to show back. He drinks alcohol and hand walks. He falls off the balcony and twists his ankles. In that moment, all of the memories of Missy replay in his mind- right from their first ill-fated date to the last time he saw her. He realizes that he has fallen in love with her, despite all their differences. The eccentricities that he used to hate become the things that he likes the most about her. The similarities with Melissa don’t matter anymore.

Back in Portland, he tries to reconnect with Missy, but she doesn’t respond to his texts or calls. His normal life disinterests him, and he finds himself caged in it. Recalling the moment when Missy had asked him to leave the miserable job, he decides to act on her advice. He meets with his boss and breaks the hypnotism with the magic phrase Missy had told him. When the boss comes back to his senses, he realizes that Tim is not his Nana and fires him.

With no response from Missy, Tim decides to contact her in another way. He fixes a date with her through the app. To break the ice, he plays the same prank that she had played on him when they first met. However, it turns out to be a mistake when the guy, whose description he gives her, turns out to be handsome and interested in her. Tim comes clean to Missy about the prank. She refuses to believe he is her date and walks away from him. Tim apologizes for treating her wrong and tells her that he has left his job and wants to be with her. She forgives him, and all is well.

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