Thierry Delay and Myriam Badaoui: What Happened to Jonathan’s Parents?

‘The Outreau Case’ is a captivating documentary series by Netflix that provides viewers with various details regarding the infamous case of sexual abuse of children that had allegedly taken place in Outreau, France. Among the various people who were indicted in this particular case are the married duo of Thierry Delay and Myriam Badaoui, who are parents to Jonathan Delay. They certainly stood out because of the fact that it was their sons who first opened the doors to this particular case, leading to their implication.

Thierry Delay Has Been Convicted Twice More

Thierry Delay is married to Myriam Badaoui and has four sons, including Jonathan Delay. He was accused of sexually abusing his children and also harming them in other manners. It was claimed that he and his wife would allow others also to abuse their children. Additionally, Thierry was accused of having videos of him abusing his children. The charges against Thierry were severe, without doubt. While he had initially tried to reject the idea that he had harmed his children, he soon switched to not having any memory of the same, alluding to his actions possibly being affected by his use of alcohol.

Ultimately, Thierry ended up confessing that he had abused his children two or three times a week. His admission of guilt pertaining to his own actions against his sons sent shockwaves in the community. However, he did not seem to agree that so many people were allegedly involved in the abuse that was taking place in his home. For his crimes, Theirry Delay was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2004. He was ultimately released in 2016 from the Maison d’Arrêt de Seysses (Seysses Penitentiary Center) in Seysses, France.

Following his release, Thierry went on to live at the Pierre-Hanzel Center in Rieux-Volvestre, France. In 2018, he was accused once more of making unwanted sexual advances towards another resident of the facility. The resulting investigation saw the now-wheelchair user Theirry spend six months in prison after being found guilty of possessing pornographic material depicting minors in sexual acts. In January 2020, he was once again accused of sexually abusing another resident of the facility multiple times. In relation to this, he was sentenced to prison once more for the duration of two years, followed by five years of supervised release.

Myriam Badaoui Has Changed Her Name

One of the most prominent names in the Outreau case, Myriam Badaoui was married to Thierry Delay when the case became public. During the investigations, she continued to name more and more people seemingly involved in the whole case, telling an elaborate and horrifying story. As such, when she took the stand on November 18, 2005, she shocked many by claiming that most of what she had shared with law enforcement had just been an elaborate story. In fact, per her admission, only 4 of all the 17 suspects had not been innocent.

While her final confession provided relief to the remaining 13 suspects, Myriam’s initial statement also served as a major reason why they all had been indicted in the first place. Having confessed to her own role in the abuse that her children went through, Myriam did not even contest her initial conviction from the very first trial that all the suspects had to go through. owing to the severity of her crimes, Myriam was sentenced to 15 years in prison in July 2004.

Fruing her time as a prisoner, Myriam served her sentences as a resident of Centre pénitentiaire de Rennes (Rennes Women’s Prison). The facility is located in Rennes, France. In late 2011, Myriam was released from prison. She had apparently lost a significant amount of weight during her time in prison, something that her son, Jonathan Delay, has confirmed. She went on to serve as one of the witnesses in the case of Daniel Legrand Jr in 2015.

In 2019, Myriam was sent to prison once more, this time for eight months. The charges against her included theft and forging cheques. During her trial, Myriam openly admitted to having a hard time adjusting to the real world after being in prison for so long. She went on to add that she felt like her name was hampering her chances of creating a new life. As such, it had been reported that following her release from prison the second time, Myriam has taken steps to change her name, moved to Brittany, France, and has cut contact with those she knew in the past, including her four sons. She also seems to be getting money from the government due to her status as a disabled adult.

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