Tim McNamara’s Alleged Murder: Where is Tracy Nessl Now?

In 2014, Christmas for a couple in Belize, Central America, ended with tragedy. In December of the year, Tim McNamara was found dead at the back of his house due to a gunshot wound. However, the circumstances surrounding his death have remained a subject of speculation for many. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Forbidden: Dying for Love: Fruit of the Family Tree’ delves into Tim’s death and the story behind how he met his wife, who was also his niece. So, if you’re wondering what happened in this case, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Tim McNamara Die?

Timothy Patrick McNamara was born in December 1948 in Soap Lake, Washington. He was part of the well-known and affluent McNamara family. Tim took care of an apple orchard in Soap Lake before moving to Belize, where he married Tracy Nessl. The trice-divorced 66-year-old felt like he had found love. However, it was with his brother’s daughter, and the relationship was heavily frowned upon within his community.

The couple left for Belize in early 2013 to start a Bed and Breakfast on a farm over there. But on Christmas night in 2014, Tim went out back with his handgun to check why the dogs were barking. Just seconds later, Tracy claimed that a shot rang out. She claimed to find Tim lying on the ground face-up with a bullet wound to the back of his head. Tracy went to a neighbor for help, and the authorities arrived sometime later. While Tim’s death was ruled a suicide initially, further investigation changed it to murder.

Who Killed Tim McNamara?

Tracy was 22 years younger than Tim McNamara. When she met him in July 2012, Tim was finalizing his third divorce, and Tracy lived in North Carolina. As per the show, she had three children from a previous marriage and another daughter with her then-partner. Tracy was the illegitimate daughter of Tim’s brother and was rejected by her father as well as the McNamara family.

After their first meeting, the two got closer and eventually started a romantic relationship. The family, not surprisingly, disapproved. Tracy later stated, “I didn’t know him (Tim) as an uncle; I didn’t know the McNamaras very much. He was the man I fell in love with. Our souls connected.” The couple then moved to Belize to get away from the scrutiny. They bought a farm there to set up a Bed and Breakfast, eventually getting married. However, the work took longer than anticipated, and they began to struggle financially.

Tracy stated that she was in the kitchen when Tim went out with his firearm to potentially ward off wild animals. However, he never came back. Instead, she heard a gunshot. In the days after Tim’s death, the authorities in Belize began to suspect Tracy and questioned her about it. She also claimed that the investigating officer asked her for the money Tim had allegedly borrowed from him. According to Tracy, the officer further added, “It’s just not looking good for you anymore; it’s just not looking good.” In May 2015, a warrant for murder was issued in Tracy’s name by Belizean authorities.

Where is Tracy Nessl Now?

After Tim’s death, Tracy moved back to the farm in Soap Lake. In September 2015, Tim’s children filed a wrongful death suit against Tracy. They claimed that she financially exploited Tim and then shot him in the head. At the time, all of Tim’s property was in Tracy’s name, and she was the beneficiary of his life insurance as well. Caleb, Tim’s son, said, “You don’t shoot yourself in the back of the head. It’s borderline impossible.”

However, Tracy’s lawyer claimed that Tim McNamara was depressed. He also said that the forensic report of Tim’s death contained multiple errors and contradictions regarding bullet trajectory and other things. From what we can tell, Tracy still lives in Soap Lake. In 2016, she said of the farm, “I have a promise to fulfill to Mac (Tim)…to keep it running, to keep it going, to not ever sell it.”

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