Tim Spicer: Survivor Contestant is a College Coach and Entrepreneur

Tim Spicer, a contender in CBS’ ‘Survivor 46,’ stepped into the limelight with an air of mystery surrounding his background. As a contestant in this riveting season, he faced the unpredictable challenges of the island, navigating tribal dynamics and strategic alliances. Beyond being a mere participant, little is disclosed about him, adding an element of intrigue to his ‘Survivor’ journey. Viewers are poised to witness his resilience and adaptability tested amidst the twists that define the show’s landscape.

Tim Spicer is Proud of His African American Heritage

Tim Spicer, born in July 1992 in Arlington, Virginia, emerged as a multifaceted individual with a childhood marked by achievements and a zest for life. He is currently living in Fairburn, Georgia. Raised by a college-educated mother and a father who valued education, his academic journey began at Wakefield High School in 2010. There, he not only graduated but thrived, holding the position of SGA President for both freshman and senior years. Engaged in various facets of school life, he was a member of the minority honor society and contributed to the school’s swim team. His educational pursuit led him to Morehouse College, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government in 2014.

During Spicer’s time at Morehouse, he served as the Change Agent for the Joseph E. Lowery Institute and worked as the Lead Intern at Democrats of Georgia, showcasing his commitment to civic engagement and community impact. Furthering his academic credentials, he completed a Master of Education (M. Ed) in Curriculum and Instruction from the Graduate School of Education & Human Development at George Washington University in 2018. His passion for water safety was not just a hobby; he also worked as a water safety instructor, underscoring his commitment to education and community welfare.

In a unique highlight of his youth, Spicer, one of six African-American men at Morehouse College, holds a significant memory of introducing President Obama at his school. The White House reached out to him, and his articulate pitch earned him the honor of introducing the President. The experience left an indelible mark, and he treasures a challenge coin gifted by President Obama. However, his journey was not without its share of childhood mishaps. Recounting two peculiar incidents, he revealed an adventurous spirit that once led to a metal hanger getting stuck in his eye after jumping off a table. Another misadventure involved mistaking nail glue for eye drops, resulting in his left eye being glued shut for two weeks.

Undeterred by these experiences, his resilience and sense of humor shine through. Beyond academia, Spicer harbored ambitions of becoming an actor during his formative years, displaying a diverse range of interests. While not particularly drawn to sports, he found his niche in swimming and even participated in triathlons, achieving a commendable rank in the top 10 within the 30 to 35 age group. His passion for swimming translated into leadership roles, where he led swim lessons for both adults and children in Arlington. In addition to his academic and athletic pursuits, Spicer was a water safety advocate, emphasizing the importance of ensuring safety in aquatic activities.

Tim Spicer Imparts Guidance as a College Coach

Tim Spicer’s professional journey is as diverse as it is impactful, reflecting a deep commitment to education and community service. After completing his Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction in 2018, he embarked on a teaching career with the Urban Teacher Center, affiliated with Lesley University Graduate School of Education. For four years, he imparted knowledge and guidance, leaving an indelible mark on his students. Since July 2015, he has served as the Senior Program Manager at Peer Forward Inc., where he emerged as the first certified Peer Forward Coach.

With over a decade of post-secondary experience, he wears multiple hats, from being a facilitator to an entrepreneur and international expert. His role involves leading the implementation of core models in high schools and managing nationwide college partnerships. As a college coach with Peer Forward, he plays a pivotal role in training high school students in the college application process and guiding college students through their academic journeys. Spicer’s connection with Peer Forward runs deep, as it is the same program that inspired him during his youth.

Spicer found purpose in his career. While talking to Gold Derby, he stated, “It inspired me to inspire more young Black males as well.” His work primarily focuses on helping students and school districts in low-income communities in Washington, DC, Miami, and Bermuda. Through servant leadership, financial aid workshops, and college attainment seminars, Spicer remains dedicated to empowering the next generation. In addition to this work, he is an entrepreneur with his venture, Uhomes, focusing on college housing. This initiative showcases his commitment to providing holistic support to students, extending beyond the classroom into their living arrangements.

Tim Spicer is a Happily Married Father of Two

Tim Spicer’s passion is not limited to his professional endeavors; he extends it to his personal life. When asked about his favorite hobby, he humorously points to dating his wife, Jasmine. Their love story began in a college class where he passed notes to Jasmine, eventually leading to a lasting connection. Today, they live happily with their two boys, Carter and Cooper, forming a loving family.

Interestingly, his journey to ‘Survivor 46’ was sparked by a challenge from his wife. The show, once a shared pastime for the couple, became a platform for him to embrace a new adventure. His diverse career, dedication to education, entrepreneurial spirit, and the warmth of his family life collectively shape Spicer into a contestant with a rich tapestry of experiences.

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