10 Tips on How to Enjoy Watching Movies at Home

Traditionally movies were meant to be seen in a dark theatre. However with the advent of television, laptops and smart phones things movies became much more accessible and easier for us to watch. Despite being so busy in our daily lives we all look forward to the weekend to lie lazily in our homes and probably watch a movie which we have been meaning to do for so long. Watching a movie at home has its own sets of pros and cons. With the constant bickering of our siblings as to who will control the TV remote or our parents nagging about wasting too much time online – managing to watch a movie from beginning till end is distant dream for many. It’s not an impossible task though, if we plan it properly. Here is a list of 10 things to do while planning a movie hour at your home.

1. Choose a Perfect Time

Timing is of utmost importance while planning to watch a movie at home. Choose a time period during the day when you will be free of any domestic or work related chores so that your mind is not preoccupied with other things and you can concentrate on the film completely. It would be also an ideal situation if you are alone at home because then you will have the luxury of being on your own without the disturbances of your parents or other family members. If you are not alone then you can take your laptop to a relatively silent room where no one will disturb you, draw the curtains to get that movie theatre effect and the best part – put on your head phones. Heaven!


2. Decide on the Movie Earlier

It will be smart of you to decide earlier which movie you are going to watch on a particular day. Or else you will lose valuable time in going through your movie collections or searching the internet for recommendations. Watching a movie will take a minimum of your one and a half to two hours, so you cannot afford to waste any extra time owing to your lack of proper planning. Also it is advisable to have a vague idea about the film you are planning to watch as you don’t want to end up watching a substandard movie. Every individual have different tastes so pick a movie which you think you will enjoy watching.


3. Keep your Favorite Snacks/Food Items Ready

It’s a personal choice depending on your mood and habit. However a delicious snack or munchies can be pretty awesome companions while watching a movie worth its time. Imagine digging into a piece of fritter dipped in red sauce while a serial killer is on a rampage in the movie. That’s food porn and cinematic porn for you right there.


4. Invite Likeminded Friends

It’s always fun to catch up on blockbusters at home on TV or your laptop. Double the fun it will be if some of your gang members join you in the act. One advantage of watching movies at home is that it gives you the freedom to talk and discuss your heart out. If you come across a badass action sequence you can pause it, marvel upon it and then rewind it again. The process becomes more fun when someone disagrees with your opinion regarding a particular scene and you start a sort of discussion-debate to prove your point. Pillow fights, anyone?


5. Go Solo and Use Subtitles

Sometimes it’s also fun to watch a movie alone at home. Not every movie needs to be seen with friends or family, some films demands serious viewings or rather multiple viewings like for instance David Lynch’s ‘Mulholland Drive’. You cannot even afford to miss a single word or a scene, which is why it is also advisable to see such movies along with the help of subtitles. Now some people might be put off with the idea of using subtitles. It doesn’t mean that you don’t get English properly rather it only means that you are serious about watching a movie and want to understand it better without missing out on the nuances or references. British and American films are different in their use of English so a subtitle only makes your job easier. Besides while watching a foreign film it is unavoidable.


6. Use of Streaming Services

Have you ever felt like you have just wasted your money by subscribing to various online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu to name a few? Here is what you can do about it. Not many people know that these streaming services also have many reputed film titles hidden in their list of things to watch. You can take help form the internet or from your friends in accessing the available films on these platforms so that you don’t have to go to the theatres or rent a DVD to fulfill your wish of watching a movie on a day off. You just need a valid subscription and good internet speed to watch a movie.


7. Video on Demand

If you are old school and not into streaming websites or can’t afford it then there is the ever loyal television set for you. Many DTH services around the world offer this facility to the viewers at home. A much selected list of recent and past blockbusters is available for you to choose from on any given time via online or SMS service. So after a long day at work or after completing a deadline you can sit back, relax and enjoy this particular service which has revolutionized the concept of home video.


8. Rent a Movie

I know it’s is a bit 90s but it still works for you if you want it to. Many big cities as well as a few small cities around the world still have those DVD parlours where you can browse from a diverse collection of titles and pick the one that catches your fancy. In the big cities they have a well-organized collection where films are divided on the basis of their genre. So you just have to go to your desired section and pick your favourite. If you are looking for some X rated fun then the adult section is where you need to spend some time before heading to your home and setting the DVD player or PC/laptop in place.


9. Don’t Force Yourself

One of the many benefits of watching movie on your personal devices is that you can go easy with your timings and your mood. Inside a movie theatre you are literally forced to watch a movie from start to end even if you are not necessarily enjoying it. While at home you can be free from any such restrictions. In other words you don’t need to force yourself to go through an insufferable movie. You can skip through the songs (if you are watching an Indian movie) or some mundane portions of the film. If you get tired or sleepy or remember some unfinished business you can pause or stop the process and can resume it later.


10. Mix Business and Pleasure

Very often your parents chide you for spending too much time watching movies on your laptop or television. Watching a movie doesn’t always have to be a time-wasting affair. You can make it a fruitful exercise. When you watch a Hollywood film you can improve your English vocabulary via subtitles. If you are a content writer or an aspiring film critic then watching movies and writing about them will be a good practice for the future. Artist or graphic designers can get inspiration for their works through watching sci-fi and superhero movies. And who says who you can’t chop vegetables or do some domestic chores without losing concentration of a movie?